Spend That Public Money Faster!

A beehive sculpture costing thousands of pounds has been removed from a public park after complaints it looked ‘too rude’.

We aren’t shown a ‘before’ photo, but we can imagine…

Award-winning sculptor Thompson Dagnall – who was paid around £3,500 for the work – said a Tameside council boss told him the design was too ‘phallic’.


Mr Dagnall had originally carved an intricate metal bee on a wooden orchid but was told the flower wasn’t realistic enough.

So he replaced the orchid with the beehive – to then be told the new design was too rude.

Now council workers have cut the beehive off the top of the sculpture and moved it – along with the bee – to a quieter area of Hyde Park on the outskirts of Manchester.

What a great job! ‘Commissioner Of Public Art That Won’t Offend Anyone Ever, Anywhere’..!

Philip Fitzpatrick, chairman of Hyde district assembly, said the bee sculpture was just a project that ‘didn’t work out’.

Councillor Fitzpatrick added: ‘I don’t think it’s phallic. He was not told that by me or any of the elected members – but there are thousands of people working for the council.’

Yes, and that’s the bloody problem….

2 comments for “Spend That Public Money Faster!

  1. Jim
    April 6, 2012 at 1:48 pm

    The most shocking thing about this story is that it cost £3500 to carve a simple shape into a tree trunk. I know a young tree surgeon who has just produced a much more complicated bit of wood carving for a few hundred pounds. He could knock off a beehive in a few hours. This ‘artist’ is taking the p*ss.

    As ever, the taxpayer gets shafted.

    • April 7, 2012 at 4:36 pm

      Modern art – it really is the Emperor’s New Clothes!

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