The coming choice

On Good Friday, I generally make reference to two aspects:

1. The Passion, as told by a medico, Dr. C. Truman Davis;
2. Oberammergau.

The first is pretty gruesome and this gruesomeness was re-enacted as a horror movie by Mel Gibson who’s right into this Saw type violence. Personally, why would I need to see this sort of thing? That’s entertainment? Because if it is, it’s pretty sick, n’est-ce-pas? I include that link to get an idea of the type of suffering in a quite personal way, on the grounds that something nasty is around the corner some time for myself and for any of you who buck the system.

If we reject the PTB, from the EU communists through to the Rothschilds or whoever else is identified as the PTB, then sooner or later, we’re going to come up against this. I’m less concerned with identifying them than with recognizing that there is a world agenda which is not even hidden – read the UN reports on sustainability and Agenda 21 for a start, mainstream stuff now.

And these people don’t take kindly to opposition.

There’s a vid I’m not sure whether to post in which the son of a high-up in Washington decided to expose what his father had been up to in Masonry. He got a phone call asking, “How did you sleep last night?” It went on: “Don’t step out of the shadow of your father because if you do, you’ll end up with a bullet in your head. While you’re hiding behind your father, we can’t touch you.”

It is coming, it has to come and each and every libertarian, each and every person identifying with Christianity, each and every Adam Smith follower, is going to come up against this power at some time. Will you back off, back down or will you continue to defy them and suffer something gruesome?

From their point of view, you’re in one of two classes – the great mass of dissidents bleating about freedom, blogging about it with bombastic words but who’ll go to water once the pressure is applied and a second class – harder nuts who are not going to be intimidated.

Frankly, I don’t know which I am – a man or a mouse. What I do know is that there are things I’ll give way on and things I won’t. Think about it – if you believe in free enterprise and they’ve attached the electrodes and say to you, “Will you give up this mania about capitalism [read free enterprise] and small government?” and you’re contemplating that first shot of electricity through your body, will you stand by your principles or will you back down?

What I’m getting at is, mixing metaphors, where is that line in the sand, beyond which you will not budge? What is truly non-negotiable for you? To defend your child, yes – most people would suffer for that but what about for a principle, like freedom, free enterprise, democratic voice? Would you defy the electricity for that?

And if you will compromise on absolutely anything, given that they’re about to send X volts through you on a gurney, then what does that say about you?

Coming back to the Crucifixion, He had his way out. He didn’t take it. Why not? What was He refusing to compromise on? It’s worth contemplating, along with all those early Christians thrown to the lions or the Copts of the present day. On exactly what issues will you refuse to compromise?

If, one day soon, you’re going to need courage from somewhere, from where is it going to come? From a bottle?

It’s something which has been on my mind.