Best left alone

One of the reasons people consult doctors is that these people in general are pretty competent, yes you have the odd bad apple, but in general they have a pool of knowledge outside the normal realm of human experience, a lot of training goes into this. It’s the same for pharmacists, lot of training in the expected outcome of certain chemicals on the human body, however the training is not the same as a doctors and it doesn’t have the same checks and balances…


GIRLS as young as 13 should be able to receive the Pill from a local chemist without seeing their GP, say researchers.
But the call has prompted warnings from medical experts and pro-family campaigners who say the contraceptive must not be doled out “like Smarties”.
They also point out that sex at 13 is illegal and offering the Pill sends the wrong message to vulnerable children.
The controversial recommendation follows an evaluation of a pilot scheme in Southwark and Lambeth, in south London, which offered contraception to over-16s in pharmacies.
The study, by NHS South East London, found 46 per cent of the teenagers who used the service had never taken the Pill before. The report, published in the medical newspaper Pulse, says the scheme should be rolled out nationwide and commissioners should consider widening it to girls aged 13 to 16.
But Dr Trevor Stammers, of the Family Education Trust pressure group, said such a move would hinder parents who do not want their children to have underage sex.

The last bit is just for show, if a girl (not so much a boy) wants to have sex then no amount of parental hindrance short of locking her up will stop her, that’s just life for you. Most girls fortunately know there are consequences to unprotected sex, however accidents happen and persuasion is possible, again, that’s just life.

One thing you do not want however are chemists/pharmacists handing out birth control pills. There is a definite risk to this including occasionally fatal side effects, something a doctor can monitor, not a pharmacist. There is a case for leaving things to the experts, this is one of them, I don’t believe a pharmacist is qualified to do this (I might be wrong) but I’m also certain they aren’t insured to do this.

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  1. April 26, 2012 at 9:40 pm

    It’s potentially a good way to cut fertility. No one is quite sure yet what long term effect abortifacients have on a woman who is potentially fertile.

    Nearly a century ago, Margaret Sanger recommended abortions to black women in the United States in the name of public health. Blacks are still only 12-13% of the population today, many decades on.

    Let us ask ourselves which groups are being targeted in the UK in the unspoken name of eugenics. I can potentially see a case for this in 1 out of 100 pregnancies but believe this will be misused. Cock-up or conspiracy?

  2. cdbro
    April 26, 2012 at 10:01 pm

    My ageing memory hints at a study produced not that long ago about downsides of the pill for future generations. It appeared that children and grandchildren were suffering increased ‘birth problems’.
    Maybe someone out there will remember it.

  3. David A. Evans
    April 27, 2012 at 7:04 pm

    In my, (probably flawed,) opinion…

    the contraceptive pill is an unsuitable form of contraception outside of a stable, long term relationship, such as marriage.


    P.S. I’ve been getting a lot of “site unavailable” problems of late. Not as bad as when the site used to cause Firefox to crash but inconvenient anyway.

  4. John
    April 29, 2012 at 4:23 pm

    Churchmouse – re Margaret Sanger. So blacks were 1/8 of a population of 130m then, and are 1/8 of a population of 300m now. What point are you making?

    • April 30, 2012 at 9:19 am

      John — There would be more blacks today if Margaret Sanger hadn’t encouraged them to abort. Unfortunately, they listened at the time; the message was no doubt sugar-coated.

      Eugenics is a terrible thing and has long-term effects.

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