Well, It’s A Start…

The decision made by the council’s community services committee last week will mean residents can do their shopping locally without having to fork out for high parking charges.

Yes. It’s only five free spaces. And the attitude that they are doing us all a favour grates somewhat.

But it’s a start!

Mary Powell, who owns the Emporium on the High Street and also chairs the Maldon Business Association, added: “While we welcome this, presumably to assist elderly and disabled post office users, we would point out that other shops, such as mine, also cater for these customers.“Therefore, it would seem to us logical that similar free spaces should be made available in all car parks in the town.”

Who could argue with that?

2 comments for “Well, It’s A Start…

  1. May 2, 2012 at 10:32 am

    A start or a token effort?

  2. May 2, 2012 at 12:25 pm

    Sometimes, even during times of austerity and when there will be dozens of other lobbies who would complain if a council gave precedence to one initiative they could just about afford but not one of all of theirs, it can be useful to put down a marker of intent.

    I do not know the circumstances in the case cited here; but it could turn out to be a “thin end of the wedge” approach to show that โ€“ when times are better โ€“ this is an area we (i.e. the council) intend to make one of our priorities.

    I have seen a similar technique in my own local council, specifically in regard to free swimming for certain categories and working towards a public transport Freedom Pass. It is useful, perhaps even necessary, to make a start even when one isn’t going to be in a position to deliver the whole package for some time to come.

    The alternative is to do nothing, which (a) achieves nothing, and (b) makes it less easy to do for the future.

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