Behind the headlines

Two headlines said more than they said, if it can be put that way:

Au revoir, Sarkozy! Au revoir, austerity! New Euro crisis as French and Greeks reject cuts and vote for return to ruinous spending

… and:

Hollande victory gives Europe new direction

John Lichfield: Humbled Sarkozy is the first President to miss out on second term in 30 years. Meanwhile jubilant Socialists hail François Hollande’s win as rejection of eurozone’s austerity drive.

There was also a commenter on one post who wrote:

Fantastic result for the French people. This marks a shift in Europe back to the left which is essential to end austerity, restore economic growth and clear the deficit.

The lack of understanding of any sort of economic reality with that man was staggering. Hence the headline:

Markets fall as French and Greek elections renew debt fears

… and:

$27b wiped from shares

Australian shares take a beating on renewed concerns over the Eurozone and disappointing jobs data in the US.

Commenter, financial expert and ex-blogger Wolfie wrote:

It looks to me like the grand plan is going just perfectly. As globalisation increases the western client state, the socialist imperium will simply expand until it runs out of wealthy and middle-class to feed on. Then we’ll have true equality in our poverty.

That was from one of the least “conspiracy-minded” people I know who often takes me to task for my “imagination”. He works in the City. When he says something like that, I, for one, listen.

My own blog has, since 2006, consistently maintained that we don’t have a two sided political debate in the western world, we never have had but instead it’s a three cornered debate and one of those corners seems invisible to the other two, namely Left, Right and Them.

I don’t know how to label Them – elite, oligarchical, the finance, the old money, the black nobility, C300, global socialist, whatever label you care to stick on them. When “America” goes to war, it’s not America in the least – it’s these people. When WW1 broke out, it wasn’t the German people or the French people in the least, although they got caught up in the gung-ho rhetoric of their leaders.

This group I call Them – they need wiping out because they’re poisonous but naturally, like Tony Blair, they’re protected from the people by money, fear and sheer scamming. It would not be difficult to blast them out of their Swiss alps or Bavarian homes or even their tunnels under the Appalachians. All it would require is a concerted effort by determined people.

And therein lies the rub. If the people as a whole still won’t recognize this enemy, if they keep trying to blame the monkeys whilst the organ grinders remain in the background, looking on, then the Andy Jackson language:

You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the eternal God, I will rout you out.

… will have little meaning for the common man. I do believe that certain bloggers of note, even in the Libertarian corner, are working for Them and thus there is constant strife in the “freedom corner”, constant being at each other’s throats and I’m not alone in this thought. Such bloggers enjoy great popularity and know the buzzwords and hail-fellow-well-met needed to suck people in.

And why wouldn’t it be so? If there is any area most likely to be a hotbed for radical ideas, then that would be the political blogosphere, especially in America. I mean, why wouldn’t they be infiltrated by the Kaletsky types? Why on earth would the political blogosphere be immune from these people?

“Them” fear anyone and anything which could possibly oppose them, they want control of the sphere, databases, militarization, e.g. FEMA, discord among the troops, anything to protect and reinforce their positions. Faux issues, chickenfeed, utter incompetence up top, are meant to occupy us but the real issues are not.

Fortunately, the smart political blogosphere is not fooled by this but the people as a whole … are.

That’s the state of play.


These were interesting today:

… and:

It’s the fraud, Charlie. And powerlessness in the face of official corruption that benefits only a few, such as yourself. When the going gets tough, no one is going to bail them out. And they do not have an army of lawyers and powerful friends to protect their interests.

This is the type of narrow ignorance of the world as it is, and lack of empathy for other people who might not be as fortunate, powerfully connected, and secure, that has always confounded the pampered princes of the Anglo-American cartel.

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  1. May 7, 2012 at 10:09 pm

    I did hear last night on RMC amid the build-up to Hollande’s speech that the new president should be prepared for a possible Euro collapse. Even though this is populist radio, this is not conservative radio except amongst the listeners; only one commentator (Eric Brunet) is right-of-centre, and he wasn’t giving this commentary.

    They also said that Angela Merkel was very disappointed at Sarkozy’s defeat but, apparently, she would work with Hollande and extended her warmest congratulations as well as an invitation to him to go to Berlin sooner rather than later.

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