A pictorial explanation of what’s gone wrong

There’s always been a cultural tradition in this country which could be called bawdy and irreverent, from Chaucer to Wills to Thackeray, in counterpoint to the drawing room or set piece niceties of the nuanced.

It’s a rollicking tradition, relying on alcohol in large measure, and ex-blogger Wolfie had something to say on that some time back. The upper classes have never been refined and thus rugby was born, with its discipline and compliance, with moments of brilliance here and there but for real bawdy disrespect, you can’t go past the Bollinger Club and the sound of broken glass.

Attempts at “civilizing” or “Christianizing” the English run into a different kind of spirituality and there’s always been the influence of pagan savagery and sexual licence. Even a Churchman would concede that the satanic past has run into its own problems with English cantankerousness and singlemindedness. Only we could have produced a Boris Johnson to head the city but we also produced a smarmy Ken.

So no, appealing to any sense of aesthetic height or wimpish delicacy is not going to get too far in this land – even the cheese is brutal and yet the taste has fine nuances within that brutality. English shoes are blunt, solid and broguish, rather than in fine Italian leather which falls apart within the first few months. Signs on taverns don’t advertise delicate little duxelles or the lightest of crêpes but “good, honest fare” and “death by chocolate“.

I’m drawn to all those things and it’s true that there’s a raunchy spirit between the men and women of this country, a give and take which hasn’t characterized many other cultures. Women have given as good as they’ve got in this land. All that’s as it should be. All of that is what built an empire.

There’s something which has come into it now, something foreign and unwanted, something savage and tribal and it’s not our tribe. It’s alien and shows through the barometer of any society – its women. Women are so instantly susceptible to stylistic influences that you can predict a nation’s future just by looking at them and listening to them. You can gauge a nation’s health through the state of its women.

British women have never been the fine beauties of the world – the Anglo-Saxon face is not on the list of the exotic [just see Mark W‘s caption on his cartoon in the right sidebar] – but they’ve been more than attractive in their own way and suchlike can still be found. British women at their best have been very good indeed.

They’ve been genteel and ladylike in the past, not in a wimpish way and I meet this type every Saturday and have to say it’s highly enjoyable. Anne Boleyn was a perfect example of an English woman refined by her years at the French court. That’s what got Henry down on his knees.

Below is a pictorial view of what’s gone wrong and it says more than a thousand words how sick this nation has become. The shots weren’t contrived – it wasn’t the best of one culture and the worst of another. All those girls were of a similar age range and could be found anywhere you looked locally, with one exception you’ll see further down. All of them were aware they were being photographed and propped for the shot but as you’ll see – in entirely different ways.


This is what I left behind some years back

And this is what I came home to

Could this next not at least smile winningly?   Look at those eyes, look at the masculine body language:

Just can’t get it right:

Halfway to what once passed for normal but look at the washed out attire, thrown on with abandon:

The rise of the skank:

There was once a time you might have glanced sideways:


True, this was not a posed shot but it was one of about seven and in most of them, they were well aware of the camera:

The only one making any attempt in that last lot was Katie Price – what a role model. Look at the way the girls in the last shot are walking – it’s difficult to describe if you haven’t lived with women of other cultures. They walk like men – styleless, with unfeminine mannerisms, concerned only with their personal pleasure rather than their affect on anyone, their allure.

In fact, allure is so ingrained in the girls at the top that you’d never be shown their downside and in that respect, you might say the English are more open and in-yer-face – WYSIWYG. Many might like that.

I blame the men for how their women have become but also blame this alien world culture, this PoMo dystopia based on ugliness for making women forget they’re women. I was going to put up a tattooed, nose-boned, metal-spiked specimen but didn’t want to sully the aesthetics and spoil your day. We let the women get like this by not standing up to them and simply saying no – we don’t want that.

Similarly for the women – instead of pining for your Latin beaux or the noble black, why not try to refine your own men? The answer is you don’t care about those men any more – you’re so desperately into being men yourselves that you’ve no time for the gender you’d like to beat down and what is resulting is not a more noble woman but a hedonistic skank who lets it all hang out and thinks allure is flopping it out and saying come and get it boys. And the boys follow, panting.

In this last picture, look at the flip-flops. Travel to Italy and look at the flip-flops there – look at all the attire there. If you insist on ugly footwear, at least make it look presentable. Ditch the tattoos. Forget the boob jobs and just be yourselves, although feminazism has put paid to that.

De-Eminize yourself and get back some self-respect, which might make the men show a bit of respect. Or don’t you care any more?

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  1. stab11
    June 21, 2012 at 12:22 pm

    I have worked with a number of Russian women and while usually being pleasant on the eyes lets just say they know their mind and you had better not argue back 🙂

    • June 21, 2012 at 12:46 pm

      I actually said to groups of girls over there that yes, you’re soft and elegant on the outside but you’re hard as nails on the inside and know what you want – which is essentially what you’re saying.

      I also said [unfortunately from a position of being 12 years away from Britain], that our women were hard on the outside but marshmallows on the inside. After being back now four years, I have to say gauche on the outside, hard on the inside but admittedly, this has been through my dealings with the egregious HR – haven’t seen much of the nicer type in this land of late, except online – Julia’s a good example of the latter.

      Women have been really poorly served by the feminazis and government combined – they’re getting rotten advice and society’s paying the price for it, particularly the hated men.

      As for the Russian girls, it’s changing as western culture comes in and they’re getting to be just as slovenly, fat, self-entitled and victimhoodish as our lot – that was really starting to roll around the time I left.

      Still – if you look at the expressions of those girls in the [Russian] shots, they’re not harsh, are they? I mean, cf. Emin.

    • Furor Teutonicus
      June 22, 2012 at 4:42 pm

      You have stolen the words from my mouth, you Bounder!

      Aye. I have the dubious “pleasure” of working with a gang of Russian “women” at present (Kind of “Work exchange scheme”), O.K one or two Poles as well, but I bet YOU could not spot the difference.

      Olga Korbett? (If you are old enough to remember Olga, you are old enough to join my “Russian gang, for an after work Vodka “cocktail”…. which I HAVE….did? Oh shit…my grammer has given up….about an hour ago.)

      Na, think Chieftain tank with chobam armour, and six tons of NATO leaf net camo.

      And that is just their ATTITUDE.

      As some here will know, I am no great fan of England, or even Britain, although I am willing to give, there are a LOT of places a HEL of a lot worse, and it would not be the end of the world if I ever had to return there. (Perhaps I could see it from there though….:-) ). You really are not THAT badly off with your Fräuleins, and even Frauen.

      Thing is, “the rest” have the Chieftain tank attitude, WITH the Chieftain tank looks. (Or maybe a T-34?).

      Don’t give up yet. The battle is not lost till it is over. British girls are not THAT bad……Unless they drink Vodka….

  2. Tatty
    June 21, 2012 at 2:10 pm

    Oh James, come on now,’fess up…you might not be instantly attracted at first look but would you really kick any of them out of bed on a cold night…especially if none of your friends ever had to know anything about it ? 😉

    • June 21, 2012 at 3:16 pm

      Don’t get me started. I’ve just got home from town and was with a Polish girl the last hour [treason I know]. I mentioned this post and she was worried the English girls would attack me mercilessly.

      I then mentioned what I’d told the Russian girls about being hard inside and invited her to disagree. She just looked at me evenly but couldn’t think of the English for “winding up”. She accepted that by Russian, I meant Eastern European although there are clear differences.

      Incidentally, she had union flags on her toenails and had had Polish on her fingernails but as they’ve now gone out of the comp, she’s removed that. I asked her if she was going for England and she said oh yes, we all are. That was nice. My goodness she was difficult to keep the eyes off.

      However, last Saturday, I saw the most beautiful girl ever on earth come into our shop and she was English. So go figure, as the Americans might say. Plus she was really nice.

  3. Mudplugger
    June 21, 2012 at 3:33 pm

    As my wise old father used to say, “Beauty is only a light-switch away”.

    • June 21, 2012 at 3:41 pm


      • Tatty
        June 21, 2012 at 10:04 pm

        As many men round thisaways have been heard to say… “you wouldn’t know whether to fuck it or fight it.”

  4. June 22, 2012 at 8:09 am

    Yes, Russian and East European lasses (are we allowed to say Slavic?) are achingly cute when they are young (especially Poles) but when they are old they look like potatoes. Plus British women tend to have larger boobies. Largest in Europe. Fact.

    • Furor Teutonicus
      June 22, 2012 at 4:47 pm

      Tjaaa, British women are bigger tits. Is that not what the point of the origional article was? 😯

  5. Furor Teutonicus
    June 22, 2012 at 4:45 pm

    Hmm. Seems to be “scrag the Russians and Poles day” today.

    Any one fancy a little trip to a wee radio station on the border?

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