Mortar boards at ten paces

The title was a comment by Chuckles on the state of affairs in academia reported at OoL and ignored by all and sundry [except for Greg].

So, it’s now hotted up and there’s a virtual war going on:

The man whose namesake “Kington Chair” (Joe D. and Helen J. Kington Professorship in Environmental Change) that was supposedly to be given to Michael Mann, has resigned from UVa amid the turmoil of the recent ouster of president Teresa Sullivan in a shady weekend coup that bypassed the normal Board of Visitors schedule and several board members.

Those “procedures” are actually rules to ensure that no leftist academic may be displaced, let alone an icon of the global left such as Sullivan the Sociologist and Warren the Native American.

One commenter wrote:

I had my doubts about a connection to Mann et al, and was of the mind that this was related to Elizabeth Warren the senate candidate from Massachusetts her(Sullivan’s) co – author on a reportedly dodgy research book. With this resignation I am begining to have second thoughts.

Look, Tom, it’s all very simple – this has been a breach in the narrative, a hiccup in the road to the socialization and the complete wrapping up of, the Sullivanization of Academia. It’s not as it was meant to happen. Someone failed to sing from the hymnbook.

Commenter David writes:

Wow, she gets to return to teaching sociology at $170,000/year? $170,000/year?????
That is peanuts, try googling professors pay. Yes those teaching socialism are part of the one percent. In fact many do not even teach much, their assist professors do that. This frees them time to research and publish, or often to write books, from which they often receive more revenue.

Close – keep your focus off the obscene salaries and on that all important “frees them time to research and publish”. That’s where it all is – the power to influence. think tanks have always led thought from the time of Voltaire and before.

And the left were in the driving seat – until now. This is far more than just mortar boards at ten paces – there are vested interests clashing in this apparent storm in a teacup.


Two more on it here and here.

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  1. Voice of Reason
    June 23, 2012 at 5:50 am

    Business professors make far more than sociology ones do, and those are hardly ‘left’.

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