Meaningless words

Why is it that politicians feel the need to apologise  for the acts of previous governments when they were in power?


Labour knew that immigrants were flooding into Britain in far higher numbers than anticipated by 2005, former home office minister John Denham admitted today.
Mr Denham, who is now permanent private secretary to Ed Miliband, the Labour Leader, said it was clear seven years ago that estimates for migrants were ‘vastly wrong.’
The Labour MP for Southampton said: “We were advised about 15,000 and about that came to Southampton alone in the first 18 months.”
Asked when he was first aware of the problem he added: “I think for me in really 2005. It was then it became clear that the estimates we relied on were vastly wrong.
“What we are acknowledging today is that far more people came in far more quickly than people anticipated.”
The last Labour government oversaw a liberal immigration policy that led to the arrival of hundreds of thousands of workers from eastern Europe.

Yes Labour did preside over uncontrolled immigration, though frankly it wasn’t really the ones from Eastern Europe that caused the problems most of the Labour core vote complain about, most of them went home when they’d earned enough. But if they knew in 2005 and didn’t actually try to do anything about it why do they think apologising now will make things better? Are they proposing wholesale repatriation? Well no, I rather suspect some of them really don’t give a damn still over what they did. It was an exercise in rubbing the ‘rights’ nose in multiculturalism rather than a mistake for many Labour MP’s after all.  That it failed because it hit the wrong target group was a given, but still to many on the left it was not a mistake but a deliberate policy one that they still wholeheartedly approve of. After all, if they have no intentions of putting it right, then what’s the point of an apology. Even today the coagulations proposals to limit immigration have been and still are opposed by the Labour Party. Not that many people think that the coagulation have gone far enough, just that Labour still propose to do absolutely bugger all about it either, save give mealy mouther apologies about having got it wrong.

Well, words are cheap, what most people want to see are actions, but sadly that’s not what we’re seeing at all.

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  1. 6079SmithW
    June 24, 2012 at 8:48 pm

    When does ‘mass immigration’ become ‘invasion’?

    Closing the door now is acceptable to those who seek to destroy England because the maternity wards are delivering as many new ‘immigrants’ as were coming in through LHR.

    A study of the Americas or Australia might show us our future as ordained by Labour.

    Winston Smith

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