A matter of trust

It seems as if it’s only the politicians in their Westminster bubble along with a few enviroloonies who are still behind the late great ‘Green dream’ these days. It certainly seems as if the rest of us are no longer prepared to pay for the lunacy if we don’t have too.


JUST one in five people will participate in the Government’s £14billion flagship Green Deal scheme to insulate millions of homes, according to a new survey.
The Green Deal is due to launch in October to help people pay for home insulation and other energy-saving measures. Under it, authorised firms will pay for the work and homeowners will repay the money, plus interest, through energy bills.
The BSI, formerly the British Standards Institution, polled over 1,200 homeowners and found that only 20 per cent of people will take part.Some 60 per cent were unsure about the scheme.
The BSI says that many consumers are unconvinced that it will save them money and are worried about the disruption installing energy efficient products will cause.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with an energy efficient house, I doubt many of us will have. The problem is that we don’t like the idea that what we’re being asked to buy into will either work to reduce bills long enough to pay back the initial costs in any sort of reasonable time limit. Nor I suspect do any of us really give a shit about reducing our carbon footprint, certainly not at the cost of having it thrown on top of our already expensive energy bills.

My suspicions run along the lines that this is simply another government sponsored scam to enrich their friends running these ‘authorised’ firms. No I can’t prove it and I might be wrong, but the suspicion remains and won’t go away. After all, successive UK governments have done nothing to inspire my confidence that they actually know about climate change, economic management or just plain common sense. I mean would you trust what amounts to a bunch of crooks and confidence tricksters who tell you to buy into some scheme that will cost you more in your fuel bills on the unproven grounds it might reduce the cost of your bills eventually?

Well, apparently one in five of you do…