Sullivan reinstated

Sorry – two posts one after the other but this is an ongoing story at OoL.  Talk about fast and furious of a different kind.

You’ll recall the original post about  parachutees Warren and Sullivan in highly entrenched academic positions for non-scholastic reasons – in fact quite the opposite.

There was an outcry about Sullivan and she was ditched but the counter-attack began.

However, Watts Up has just reported that Sullivan has now been reinstated and the accusers have gone.  A commenter made the point:

An editorial in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal suggested that reinstating Sullivan would be a blow to the faculty, and not in the best interest of the University.

It’s far more than a blow to the faculty – it has implications for all of us and thus it’s on OoL.  It’s all about parachutees who hold high office for political reasons, who have no discernible talent which got them that position, who are not even attuned to the processes of the field and who have done some highly questionable things [in Warren’s and Sullivan’s cases – they’re in the linked posts].

This is a politically polarized issue, down Left/small c conservative/decency lines.

I mean, seriously, would you appoint that to the right [Sullivan] to head up your university?