“You’ll Go To Bed Early With No Supper..!”

“….not because you’ve been bad, it’s just easier and cheaper for us…”

Elderly and disabled people are being put to bed earlyin a bid to save cash, the Daily Echo can reveal.And one Winchester pensioner has now complained his human rights are being neglected as he has been left in bed for 15 hours per day.

Some have received visits from home helps and been fed, washed and put to bed as early as 5pm.

Many others are in bed by 8pm because of a shortage of carers.

And no doubt, the hard-of-thinking will immediately assume this is the fault of ‘privatisation’ when they read this:

Carers from a night care service at Hampshire County Council used to visit at about 10.30pm with the NHS paying for his care. But the NHS switched to a private agency.Now Mr Lister is in bed by 8.30pm and not helped to get up until 9.30am, a period of 13 hours plus a two-hour afternoon rest – 15 hours in total.

Boooo! Hissss! Eeeeevil privatisation!


David Watt, chief executive of Southampton-based Nobilis Homecare, said his carers put people to bed up to 10.30pm.Mr Watt said: “We are unusual. We try to be responsive to what people want but our private client rates are higher than the county council is prepared to pay.”

“I think choice is massively important.

Council cost-cutting is reducing personalised care and choice as agencies have to provide care as cheaply as possible.

We prefer to employ more carers to give people what they want.”

It’s all in the contracting clauses, isn’t it? And we know just how good the public sector is at managing those, don’t we?

As reported yesterday, the council saved £4.9m in 2011-12 by capping the price it pays for social care.

Which they then squandered on help for ‘problem families‘ and niche but trendy initiatives, of course. They aren’t short of well paid positions that could be axed instead, either.

A Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust spokesman said Mr Lister would be contacted to help him get the care he needs. The spokesman added: “We all want to provide the best care for people that they need and deserve.”

What public sector authorities think the taxpayer ‘deserves’ once they are no longer a taxpayer seems to be open to question, no..?

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  1. Furor Teutonicus
    July 1, 2012 at 1:57 pm

    XX What public sector authorities think the taxpayer ‘deserves’ once they are no longer a taxpayer XX

    WOHA THERE Julia! There is no such thing as a “non taxpayer”. (Except for arseholes that have never done a days work in their lives, and who’s money comes, at least to them, for free, FROM the tax payer, because THEY have never paid IN).

    “Care” its self is subject to tax. Buy a book, it is taxed. Buy a can of beans, electric, gas, etc. etc, you pay tax. See the idea?

    INCOME tax is not the ONLY tax.

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