Smoking ban five years on

Save Our Pubs & Clubs -
Call You and Yours, Tuesday 3rd July

Call You and Yours, the BBC Radio Four consumer programme, will tomorrow (Tuesday) discuss the smoking ban five years on.

Guests will include Simon Clark, director of Forest and the Save Our Pubs & Clubs campaign, and Professor Linda Bauld who was commissioned to write a review of the ban, The Impact of Smokefree Legislation in England (March 2011).

The report found the change in law to be beneficial to health and credit it with “changes in attitudes and behaviour”.
The programme, which begins at midday, will ask:

“What impact has the smoking ban had on you or your work since it was introduced? Did you give up smoking altogether or reduce your smoking in public places? Did you initially oppose the ban and have you changed your mind since then? Do you see this law as just another way for the government interfering in your right to smoke? Or do you think the government should go further and ban smoking altogether in public places – maybe even in the home?”

You can contribute by calling 03700 100 444 (a call will cost you the same as to an 01 or an 02 number) or you can e-mail via the Radio 4 website, or you can text to 84844. Or you can tweet @BBCRadio4 using the hashtag youandyours.

Full details from the You and Yours website.


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  1. Tatty
    July 3, 2012 at 12:07 pm

    What impact has the smoking ban had on you or your work since it was introduced?

    “They” want to know if it’s working to denormalise, dehumanise and demoralise every single one of us. Perhaps they missed something and smokers, anti-smokers and non-smokers can ALL be somehow persuaded to sign everybodies Social Death Warrants.

    Seriously… whatever your personal stance on the subject…stay away from that phoneline and don’t give them any ammunition. Make the bastards work for it. 😐

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