Sexualization, volunteerism – it’s all exploitation

This is as it should be – the true expression of cooperation between the sexes

What are the misandrists going to make of the mixed doubles? Will this be a fabulous vindication of women’s power worldwide and other tosh? Or will it be more like what commenters wrote [one of them a woman]:

# Terrific result! Laura was a bit nervous in the quarters but played much better in the semi – and her serve is getting better too.

# I thought the remark from the commentator who said that his encouragement and advice to Laura was like that of a ‘gentle elder brother’ was spot on. And Laura’s nerve at the end was remarkable. Well done both.

# It was an incredible match with both Andy and Laura playing their parts. The crowd was incredible. What an incredible boost this will be for Laura, and what a day for Andy tomorrow.

What comes out of that is that a man is quite willing to help a woman all he can in RL. As I did yesterday in a sea of women – I helped out to the best of my ability – there was no misandry, there were no women crowing their achievements to the exclusion of men and claiming they did it all themselves and I’m going to quote my manager who had the Sunday manager there and they were discussing one guy’s alpha male attitude. At one point she said that I obviously like women and am respectful.

Immediately I thought whether readers of my posts would agree with her sentiment.

If the misandrists are not allowed to spread their poison, are stopped in their tracks, then men and women get on just fine.

A far nicer and far fairer pic at the Mail:

And I don’t know about you but I go straight past the journos now to the commenters – that’s where the real truth lies, even navigating between the trolls.

Jessica Ennis is everything which is being said about her – beautiful, self-effacing, dedicated, the perfect “face” of GB – so I’m not disagreeing with the sentiment – I’m disagreeing with who said it – the effing misandrist Telegraph female journos.

Anyone heard of a guy called Greg Rutherford? No? How about Mo Farah? And by the way, his name is Mohammed Farah. They were in the stadium too, though you wouldn’t have known it the way ONLY Jessica Ennis was feted at the Telegraph.

And watch the nasties like Cameron cynically exploit the feelgood factor for their own ends, just as these misandrists have cynically exploited the men and women who have achieved, discarding the men and focusing only on the women – that is sick. Society is now sick.


London mayor Boris Johnson paid tribute to Team GB, saying it had been a remarkable first week of the Games. “Their extraordinary efforts have brought rapture to streets, parks and living rooms in London and all over the country, if not the planet.”

Yes – their efforts, not yours, not the sponsors, not Locog. Theirs and the volunteer army. And the money you’ve saved on volunteers – where has that been siphoned away to, by the way?


And that’s another area of exploitation – volunteering. By the way, before leaving the misandry theme, just look at that photo from the St Albans and Harpenden Review:

Notice anything strange? Yup, there are only girls there. Now isn’t that interesting because in the footage of the track events last evening, I could have sworn I saw at least a few boys dotted about as volunteer helpers. Would you get that impression from this photo?

That’s what I’m on about – the continually slanted perspective. And again, straight past the journo and into the comments:

[Volunteering] cannot be controlled or organised by government for 2 reasons, firstly the concept of centrally organised volunteers rather smacks of forced labour and gulags, secondly, the costs involved – a new ministry etc coupled with the fact that government is incapable of organising a p*** up in a brewery.


Unfortunately for the Telegraph and its readers, the world is waking up to the fact that Danny Boyle’s bucolic vision of Britain hides a history of horror and humiliation that no amount of jingoism or lipstick will airbrush away.

If the British people want to preserve any lasting legacy, they must rip out the abusiveness that lies at the heart of their institutions, and complete the unfinished task of abolishing servitude that their fellow citizens undertook two hundred years ago.


The spirit of volunteerism and “can do” in Britain never died. It just went into hibernation when those who believe Big Government is the solution to all of our problems, post WWII began to build and create the suffocating Nanny State to shove down our throats, so to speak. The typical Briton however still cares about this nation and given the opportunity, as this Olympics is proving, is still very willing to pitch in and give a hand.

It’s the twisting, the manipulation, the abusing, the riding on the back of someone else’s created goodwill for their own ends which I’d like to see the guts ripped out of. From the misandrist feminazis in the media to Cameron and his masters in Brussels, Bavaria and in the UN – it certainly needs a Herculean cleaning of the Augean stables.