What Is It With MPs And Their Desire For Control Over Others’ Property?

MPs have urged RBS and Lloyds TSB to allow customers with basic bank accounts to use their cards in rivals’ cash machines, saying that limiting withdrawals could lead to a decrease in the number of free ATMs.

This is, believe it or not, a desire to do something (thought not by actually doing something themselves, you understand, merely by urging others to do the heavy lifting while they trouser their allowances) about that pressing issue in 2012 – ‘financial inclusion’.

And what is that?

Well, like most other things with the word ‘inclusion’ appended to it, a desire for a free lunch for some, paid for by everyone else.

The committee suggested the ban, introduced by Lloyds TSB in 2006 and RBS in 2011, could cut access to free cash machines if copied by other basic bank account providers.

“The main purpose behind the development of the basic bank account initiative was to improve financial inclusion. It is particularly regrettable that this ‘beggar my neighbour’ approach may therefore lead to the closure or, in the case of cash machines not operated by banks, change to charging at existing free to use cash machines,” the committee said.

Banks are businesses. Why should they give away their services free?

I can understand why MPs still believe in the free lunch, mind you. For them, it always is…

2 comments for “What Is It With MPs And Their Desire For Control Over Others’ Property?

  1. Tatty
    September 7, 2012 at 2:25 pm

    Banks are businesses. Why should they give away their services free?

    Ah but banks aren’t just businesses that simply provide an optional service people might want..and so reasonable to pay for the privelege of their service…but are an extension of The State who forced a need for them that was allegedly so great they could not be allowed to fail.

    Banks are inextricably intertwined with the DWP, utility companies, HMRC, employers etc colluding in a myriad of ways to force the majority of us into needing bank accounts the first place. Not only that but…as has recently been made public…the banks collude with each other in fixing how much they make out of it all.

    Due to their insatiable greed and corrupt practices …that continue to this day…the economy barely survived collaps, the entire country has been brought to it’s knees and generations to come will be paying for it.

    So…the very fucking LEAST they can do for their captive contributors is network the fucking cash machines and allow **SOME access to the populations OWN money for free !!!! 👿

    Go too far to piss of the population and more people who may not have otherwise bothered might start taking a closer look at what banks get up to, precisely why and how it is we’ve all been persuaded they need a bank account and take action to ensure they can do without one.

    That could…in theory… bring down the entire economy. Which, I suspect, is just one of the real reasons behind MPs “interest” in this subject and “inclusion” be damned. 😐

    **daily limit – £300.

  2. Junican
    September 7, 2012 at 8:48 pm

    Banks save an enormous amount of money from the introduction of cash machines purely in terms of staffing costs. Does anyone remember the huge queues on Fridays and Saturdays? Also, they have the use of all our collective cash deposits from which the make lots of profit. The reciprocity between banks is a token – in actual fact, they charge each other for use of their machines by each others customers, which means that we do not have the problem of a bank making use of another bank’s cash machines for free.

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