Let it die

Cometh the hour, cometh the man, or so he’d like you to believe, enter stage left Jose Manuel Barroso who believes all evidence to the contrary that what the EU needs is a currency backed by a federation of nation states of Europe.


THE nations of the EU must join together in a federal state, if the euro is to be saved, the President of the European Commission declared today. Jose Manuel Barroso called for further integration among the states of the EU, calling for a ‘federation of nation states of Europe.’
Speaking at his annual state of the European Union address, Barroso, in a desperate bid to save the euro from destruction, said that the nations of the EU need to realise they are ‘in the crisis together.’
He said the crisis, which had hit Greece, Portugal and Spain had ‘fuelled populism and extremism’ in Europe.
Barroso said: “Europe needs a new direction.”
“Old ideas” will not work anymore and greater political union is needed in order to save the euro currency, he said.

He seems to be skilfully or should that be wilfully ignoring the fact that the Euro is an old idea, along with greater political union, still that’s never stopped the hypocrisy of the EUphiles position being as ever pushed to the top of the agenda, ably assisted by the idiots in Westminster and the mandarins of the UK civil service.

Nor would I like to see any of the Barroso’s or Van Rompuy’s of the EU having any sort of armed forces at their disposal, in general they (and their cabal) are unaccountable to anyone and giving them guns along with the unaccountability is a recipe for disaster of the first magnitude.

Again all we seem to be getting from the EU is take, take take, they want power (but not accountability) they want our cash to hold up a failing currency, they want armed forces (no doubt to keep us in line if we object).

Greece has more or less failed, Spain and Portugal are failing, Ireland and Italy are basket cases and the EU solution is to open up the stopcock and pour more money down the drain to try and buoy up the Euro when the best solution is to go back to individual currencies designed for individual countries economics. What we are seeing is the logic of the insane asylum where trying the same thing over and over is expected to produce a different result.

The EU should just allow the Euro to die, the problem as far as they can see, is that they might just go with it.

That in the end is the nub of the problem.

3 comments for “Let it die

  1. Watchman
    September 13, 2012 at 3:21 pm

    Lets be fair to Barroso – he has come up with an excellent solution to the problem of the fact that currency union is destroying national economies – by combining all the economies, currency union will only be destroying regional economies, which is quite acceptable…

    That they realistically think this is a solution is an interesting assessment of the federalists understanding of the world – bright people (I presume) who are so blinded by ‘evident truths’ they miss the real truth (mind you, they probably say the same about us…). Mind you, the Germans won’t be able to sign up without some form of vote, and I doubt the members of their parliament will want the risk of making that decision. Can’t see the Finns going along quietly either, never mind most of the East Europeans (who are quite proud of their nations)…

  2. nisakiman
    September 13, 2012 at 9:49 pm

    Re Greece and its position within the EU, an interesting article here about the latest ‘proposals’. The comments are worth a read, too.

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