Because ‘It’s Being Dealt With’ Is No Longer Enough…

Clair Walker was asked to leave after a customer complained she was put off her latte by 15-month-old Brayden being fed through a tube.

Mrs Walker, 29, and her husband, Kenneth, 44, said they were told not to return to the Aberdeen shop after the incident on September 4.

Shocking! But did they complain?

Well, no. They just mentioned it to their friends…

Costa investigated after a friend of the couple posted about the incident on Facebook, prompting an angry reaction.

*sigh* Does anything on Facebook ever provoke anything else?

Once it was brought to the firm’s attention, they did the right thing.

The firm said it had apologised to the family and would deal with the member of staff involved.

The family are satisfied.

She said: ‘I felt the whole situation was disrespectful but I am pleased that Costa called me to apologise.
‘I agree that this is a one-off, isolated situation, caused by one person and not Costa as an organisation.’

It seems lessons really will ‘be learned’.

In a statement a Costa spokesman said: ‘We are able to confirm that we have now spoken to Mrs Walker, the lady involved, and sincerely apologised for the incident involving her family.

‘We will deal with the staff member involved in line with our human resource procedures. We will reinforce our policies around disability to all Costa team members at the earliest opportunity.

‘We will increase our focus on teaching staff how to deal better with sensitive situations whatever they may be.’

And there it ends, right?

Oh, wrong. So very, very wrong!

Now we have the parade of leeches, bottom feeders and remora fish who cruise along, waiting for a passing opportunity.

First up, campaign groups:

Richard Hamer from Capability Scotland, a campaign group for the disabled, said: ‘It seems the everyday lives of disabled children are too much for some people to stomach.

‘Costa must take action to show they won’t tolerate such discrimination.’

Can’t you read? That’s what they’ve already said they’d do. So your quote wasn’t needed, was it?

Next, politicians:

Aberdeen MSP Kevin Stewart said: ‘Common sense and courtesy shouldn’t have allowed this.’

Ah, but common sense ain’t so common now, and courtesy is despised in the land of ‘I know my rights and nothing’s ever allowed to disturb me!’.

And then we have the quangos. They aren’t just content with getting their name in the paper, like the last two, oh no. They want future employment opportunities:

The Equality and Human Rights Commission for Scotland said that it is possible to look into further action if the Walker family register a complaint.

An EHRC spokeswoman said: ‘In cases like this we would encourage Claire and Kenneth to get in touch with our helpline and we can assess the situation from there

Yes, I’m sure you will. Quite what sort of ‘further action’ is needed here, I can’t imagine…

You know, the customer who complained was unfeeling, selfish and ignorant, but you’re all worse. You’re feeding off this incident to increase your own profile or to feather your own nest.

You disgust me far, far more than them.

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  1. September 17, 2012 at 9:43 am

    One day I walked into Costa’s and the first thing was that the man making the cappuccino scalded himself. This knocked a girl over. I eventually got the coffee and sat down. The fire alarm went off, the sprinklers came on and sprayed all and sundry.

    I finished my coffee and left, thinking that was nice – have to come back here again.

    • September 18, 2012 at 5:51 am


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