The race industry as far as I can tell exists simply to keep the race industry in business, all those nice little sinecures keeping ‘the deserving’ in comfort looking for evidence that they are needed. I suspect that in many cases if you go looking hard enough for something, you’ll find it. That’s not to say I approve of discrimination on the grounds of race, creed or colour, simply that there is enough evidence that ‘race’ is being abused as a be all and end all measure to silence, or get at certain groups or individuals by those of certain minorities.


Racism remains a “significant problem” in British football despite improvements in recent years, according to a House of Commons committee report.
The report responds to “continuing concerns” following the Patrice Evra-Luis Suarez and John Terry cases.
John Whittingdale MP, chair of the inquiry, said: “Recent incidents of racist abuse in the UK highlight that there remain significant problems.”
MPs also said homophobia may now be the most prevalent form of discrimination.
Last December, Liverpool’s Suarez was handed an eight-match ban and a £40,000 fine by the Football Association after being found guilty of racially abusing Manchester United’s Evra.
In July, ex-England captain John Terry was cleared of racially abusing fellow footballer Anton Ferdinand.

Mr Whittingdale appears to be making his case on two incidents one of whom was by a Uruguayan against a Frenchman and the other in which the accused was found not guilty. Apparently this means we have still got ‘significant problems’ though only the race industry would appear to think so, after all if there were no ‘significant problems’ they’d be out of a job and we cannot have that can we?

Thing is, people are discriminatory, not just on colour or sexual preference but on loads of other minor point, supporting another football team springs to mind. But, most people learn to get along, develop thick skins and defence mechanisms in which  they’ll shrug off or laugh off the abuse, often giving as good as they get.

However when people are using lip readers to see what is said during the heat of the moment or getting the police involved over what appears to have been said in the heat of the moment then we do appear to have a ‘significant problem’ that being people not minding their own business (yes I’m looking at you John Whittingdale)

We have reached a point now where a lot of people are afraid to speak their own minds, because if they say anything controversial they’ll end up being arrested rather than facing disapproval, just look up the case of Emma West as an example. The fact that it only appear to work one way does not help either as the case of the woman on the bus recently proved as the police were very slow to act over the abuse thrown only arresting the woman when public pressure became overwhelming. It’s noticable that the woman on the bus threw far more vile abuse than Emma West, yet was bailed immediately and not held in remand over any long period of time.

Eventually the sheer injustice of the two tier system we have in place will break, but it will be because it is being shown to be utterly unfair, not because we have a significant problem with racism in this country, no matter what the race industry believes.

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  1. Single Acts of Tyranny
    September 19, 2012 at 2:36 pm

    Unlike a lot of MP’s I actually watch football and have done since 1994. I watch Cardiff City, not a notably friendly group of supporters by and large. How much racism have I come across of heard in that time?

    Zero. None. No chanting, no badges, no monkey sounds, nothing. In that time we have had a series of black players, Rob Earnshaw, Cameron Jerome and one of the very, very few Indians playing in Michael Chopra as well as any number of other nationalities. Our chairman is Malay and we previously had a Lebanese without incident.

    This is a non-problem in the UK.

  2. DaveK
    September 19, 2012 at 3:20 pm

    This very thought crossed my mind this lunchtime whilst watching the Daily Politics and seeing Garth Crooks trying to justify his continued role by saying that not enough people he wants are employed in Football from grass roots to boardrooms. The entire piece did not once show that there is racism in the sport, it just seemed to require positive discrimination to “prove” you weren’t waycist.

  3. Dave_G
    September 19, 2012 at 9:02 pm

    There’s none more offended than those that *witness* racism.

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