Mr Cameron has another vicarious emotion

Hot on the heels of Mr Cameron’s vague fantasy of doing something about Europe comes this:

“Tells friends… wants… could… has discussed his views…”

Meaning Cameron has told him to tell him, just like he gave Useless Eustace Grayling’s opinion to him (a feeble fire that Ken Clarke has immediately pissed on).

To be vulgar, Cameron and Gove (and Grayling, as discussed yesterday) are cock-teasers. They lift their skirts and what you see is just what you won’t get, no matter how many drinks you buy them. The Daily Mail plays along because it knows which side its bread is buttered; it would turn Cameron’s fart into a Hallelujah Chorus. Until it switches to sinister clown Boris Johnson.

We now have a political elite composed of overprivileged, useless chinless wonders, fainéants occupying the place of people who might achieve something for somebody apart from themselves.

They are the choking bozone layer above us and it’s time we got some fresh air.

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