True conservatives

Couldn’t agree more – Spectator:

What is striking about this evening’s revolt on the EU budget is that it was organised at lightning speed by the rebel camp. Mark Reckless and Mark Pritchard only tabled their amendment on Monday morning, whereas the rebellion of the 81 over the backbench motion for an EU referendum took weeks of careful planning. This time round, in just three days, the shadow whipping operation managed to stir up 53 MPs prepared to troop through the ‘yes’ lobby in favour of the call for a real-terms cut.

The whips themselves are already saying that they know the blame will land on Sir George Young’s head when they believe it wasn’t his fault. And even those who were the most enthusiastic signatories the Reckless/Pritchard amendment disagree that the whips should take the flak. Though some whips clearly went over the top – telling MPs that their rebellion could spark a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister is not the way to calm things down on a non-binding vote – the real problem lies with the leadership.

Agreed it’s not the official whip’s fault – it is the fault of the true conservatives and many of us are proud of them at least as far as they went. A true conservative is a classic liberal. He believes in freedom of speech, association, enterprise and small government, fiscal responsibility, keeping the shop running on sound principles, living within one’s means, he values manufacturing more than services. He loves getting stuck into some project or enterprise and being valued in it. He values people with principles who stick to them, even if they’re unpopular.

He need not be Conservative Party – there are quite a few Old Labour people who are small c conservative at heart. There are many conservative libertarians. They want the country to run properly, with people in jobs, earning a fair wage to keep their families and able to afford their housing. It’s a very simple desire. They also believe in a certain amount of decency – decency in relations, ethics, protecting children from the real world until they’re ready and so on.

And that’s about it.

True conservatives caused the trouble last night because Cameron’s lot are not conservative. Even the idea of coalition with the pathetic Lib Dems should have been anathema to them. However, the Tories have that other tradition too, unfortunately – the quisling tradition – of which Heath and Major were the chief recent exponents.

It’s significant that when true conservatives turn on their “leadership”, it’s open and constitutes revolt. When the pink Tories do it, it’s backstabbing done in the shadows. The Lib Dems and pink Tories suit each other very well, slithering around in the pit together.

I’m really not a Tory, I’m a conservative libertarian, i.e. there should be freedom to speak and act unless it very much impinges on someone else’s welfare, oops, er, wellbeing. There should also be a bit of decency in people’s dealings with one another. I believe in my country and the indigenous members of it, welcoming others who come in and integrate without funnelling wealth back to their old countries.

This country has some of the finest topography, villages, old buildings, canal systems, gardens, rivers, cheeses, ales, humour, music, TV, films, stoicism and “can-do” in the world. And our climate is also the best – can’t understand people bellyaching about our four seasons.

It’s a grand country, as Wallace might say to Gromit.

It also has the slimiest under-the-rock-dwellers in the world, from Chatham House to the tattooed demi-humans. And it has the descendants of the Templars who have basically hijacked and now finance the show. So it’s as if there are three separate indigenous populations.

I saw four of the demi-human type not so much walking as attacking-walking through the street yesterday. One was seriously out of control, wanting to beat up anyone, even his own supposed mates. They had a brawl in the street and then dropped it and walked on. No police anywhere of course, only traffic wardens. Gum-chewing single mums of 15 with prams looked on.

I rode by and an old chap on a bike going the other way doffed his cap and grunted: ‘Mornin’.”

And then we come to immigrants and that’s another topic.


Hope the Mail doesn’t mind me using the pic.

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  1. Greg Tingey
    November 2, 2012 at 8:12 am

    Like my Huguenot ancestors?
    Or the Gascon ones?
    Or, come to that the “Ugandan Asians”?
    Or the jews in the 19th & 20th C?
    About 4 times a week I walk past the “Kindertransport” statues @ Liverpool Street.
    Be VERY VERY CAREFUL in what you say.

    I presume the picture is of the re-opening of the Gloucester-Warwickshire railway?

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