Actually, You’ll Find It Really IS A ‘Badge Of Honour’…

Joshua Rozenburg whines about the prisoner vote issue, though not for the reasons you might expect:

The prime minister’s announcement that “prisoners are not getting the vote under this government” is profoundly depressing.

I say that not because I have a strong view on the policy itself. I would be perfectly content, for example, for judges to deprive prisoners of their voting rights in the same way they deprive prisoners of their liberty. I would be equally content with a law saying defendants sentenced to longer than a specified minimum period in prison should lose the vote automatically.

Oh, OK then. So…what’s your beef?

I am much more concerned about David Cameron’s snub to his senior law officer.

*gasp* Disrespecting the law?! Say it ain’t so!

Dominic Grieve has turned out to be an excellent attorney general, shrewd, loyal and principled. When he told the Commons justice committee that the UK’s international reputation would suffer if Britain was seen to be breaking its treaty obligations, he clearly had no idea that the prime minster was going to announce two hours later that it would be doing just that.

Perhaps – and I’m not normally one to lavish praise on Cameron – he just doesn’t put the value on the EU’s opinion that you seem to?

… perhaps the government is right to think that the worst that will happen to it is condemnation in even stronger terms by the Council of Europe’s committee of ministers. No doubt that would be seen as a badge of honour by some Conservative MPs.

Mmmm, no doubt.

And also by a lot more of the British population than you might fondly imagine from your ivory tower…