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Ah diversity, the clarion call of the idiot left which was supposed to bring about a utopia in which a multicultural society of many people living in tolerance was supposed to come about by inclusiveness and tolerance despite the fact that most cultures that they invited in weren’t known for being inclusive or tolerant or in many cases capable of rising above the needs of their social/family group and interacting with society as a whole.

Still the powers that be persevered and are now looking to use the equality laws passed by the government last year to place minorities in positions of power in the Met Police…


Britain’s biggest police force is to become the first public body to adopt a policy that gives priority for top jobs to black people and women.
The Metropolitan Police will recruit senior officers and promote civilian staff from minority groups in ‘tie-break’ situations where they are just as qualified as white or male candidates.
Scotland Yard’s diversity board has warned that the ‘positive action’ policy, made legal by equality laws last year, will be controversial.
The move could trigger lawsuits by job applicants who lose out and is likely to raise concerns that successful candidates were chosen to fill quotas rather than on merit. But a meeting chaired by Met Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe took the decision to use positive action after it was given Government advice.

Positive action or tokenism to give it a more recognisable name is a direct result of the equalities law which was in fact an EU Employment Directive which our parliament passed without seemingly so much as a glance at. It means that promotion on merit is a thing of the past and your chances of landing a top job are now weighted in favour by your skin colour and gender. If it were the other way around you could bet that the howls of racism would be nigh on deafening, unfortunately the language has been twisted in such a way that it’s impossible to be racist against the dominant culture, merely angry or bitter, but never racist as only a dominant culture can be racist…

However for many minority groups who will be looking for some plum jobs in the Met to be handed out like sweeties there are real issues that need to be addressed in their conduct. In the west midlands for instance black and Asian officers are five times more likely to be investigated for corruption than their fellow ‘white’ officers…

Birmingham Mail.

BLACK and Asian police officers in the West Midlands are FIVE TIMES more likely to be investigated for corruption or misconduct compared to their white colleagues.
The shocking statistic has been revealed in a report that found non-white cops are more likely to face inquiries over allegations including discreditable conduct, honesty and integrity.
Researchers looked into internal investigations conducted since 2007 at West Midlands, Greater Manchester and British Transport Police.
The authors found that the rate of corruption allegations against black and ethnic minority non-uniformed West Midlands staff was six times that of their white colleagues and five times higher among police officers.

No doubt this will be dismissed as racism by the liberal left who will merely assume their coloured brethren are being picked on. Still, in Manchester it’s three times more likely…

Manchester Evening News.

 Asian officers in Greater Manchester Police are THREE times more likely to be investigated for corruption, says an independent report.
Researchers said the force faced ‘major difficulties’ in recognising cultural differences between officers – with senior officers claiming Asian personnel were ‘vulnerable’ because of ‘cultural pressures’.
Experts at Manchester University launched a review into whether ethnic minority officers at GMP and two other forces were more likely to face disciplinary proceedings.
The independent study was commissioned by GMP top brass – and the investigators were given access to records from the force’s Professional Standards Branch.
The report found that Asian officers were 2.8 times more likely to be subjected to a corruption investigation.

Will all the candidates be corrupt? Probably not, but as the Ali Dizaei case proved, promoting someone above their abilities has major risks.

Part of the problem though is that the minority cultures are not nation orientated, not in the sense of the indigenous people, they are tribal orientated to the extent that they will put their tribe or social grouping first. Which means they are far more likely to turn a blind eye to activities in their own communities or favour their own communities. Yes some can rise above it, but the pressures upon them make corruption and favouritism within their ranks far higher than indigenous officers.

The Met are playing with fire here and making a rod for their own back, promotion should always be on merit, sadly it’s a case of ‘if your face/gender fits.

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  1. November 4, 2012 at 1:49 pm

    One of the things which has compromised the Savile investigation already is that the officer in charge was previously duped by one of his own officers.

    Ryan Coleman-Farrow has been jailed after admitting 13 counts of misconduct. He falsified records, witness statements, did not send exhibits for analysis and falsified advice from the CPS, shutting down investigations. He is also under investigation following the referral of a case where a sex-worker killed herself. She had complained of having a stalker, the stalker explained himself by saying she owed him money, then Coleman-Farrow appears to have enmeshed himself in an inappropriate relationship with the complainant then used it as a way of discrediting her. The IPCC dismissed the complaint initially but at that time they didn’t know that about the other things he was doing.

    As for why he was able to do this unchallenged… it’s best to look at the BBC story and see why a superior, even if alerted, might find it difficult to act.

  2. john in cheshire
    November 4, 2012 at 4:54 pm

    We, here in England, here in the Western world are completely stuffed. The only way this is going to be turned around is if there is a collective will to drive out evil and return to goodness as a norm. But, I don’t see there is for now any appetite to turn things around. So, what we have will continue until some future day when a tipping point is reached. Until that day, one can only hope to insulate oneself and one’s family from the aberrations of our society.

  3. The Jannie
    November 4, 2012 at 4:55 pm

    Why should cultural issues be some kind of excuse? British culture is British culture and those who find it raises issues may take the next train out.

  4. Greg Tingey
    November 5, 2012 at 3:35 pm

    Sorry, I thought promotion in the Met (& even more in the CityPlod) depended on your Masonic status?

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