You can keep your modern dystopia – I know where I still feel safe

This isn’t Britain – they don’t photograph it over here

From Somber today, a piece from Maggie’s. Seems you guys across the pond are just as interested in us as we are in you and this current one asks if this is the end for Britain:

For centuries the nation of Great Britain prided itself on being a “Christian Nation”. A nation who has followed the Christian Faith since 600 AD. The nation went through Reformation, Reversion back to Catholicism, Revolution, Restoration, but the Christian faith remained with the people. Even today the majority of people profess to be Christian. Yet under the government, Islam has more rights, more power than any other group. Attacks on Jews have increased. Attacks on Christians have risen. Defamation of Islam is criminalized. One cannot speak out against Muhammad (MHBIH), Allah, Islam, The Koran, etc… you will jailed. Oh no? Read this.

You see, it’s not just how we are acting as a nation, it is how the rest of the world is viewing us and what we are doing. While America desperately hangs onto its Constitution against Washington and other quislings, we seem to be just happily giving it all away, like a young virgin beset by ravening satyrs.

Yesterday, my colleague was detailing horrific crimes against two old ladies at separate nursing homes and the immediate question was – what constitutes the minds and souls of these animals who could do these things to defenceless old ladies?   Hell, even the Krays helped old ladies across the street.  If you saw the film In Bruges, you saw the code.

But it’s not just those things and Asian gangs and so on – there are all those women cannibalizing boys in schools and the traditional male paedophilia, the women killing men with kitchen scissors, men brutalizing women.

There is no restraining influence any more. Longrider and others at OoL have many times poo-pooed the efficacy of the Judaeo-Christian societal structure but when it was still in place, it certainly curbed behaviour, to the extent that if one was angered by those more vulnerable, there were ways in which it was done. To kick the head of an old lady on a floor is so far removed from that tradition that the person has almost become a beast.

And yet I’d venture to say that even beasts would not act that way – they’d act according to instincts which preclude these things. When you remove all moral structure from a society, and that’s precisely what the Frankfurt School onwards tried to do, then you are left in a sort of satanic nothingness of “do as thou wilt”. So if an old lady annoys you sufficiently, you kick her head in on the floor. She is a nothing, an obstacle to be removed, not a sentient, feeling human being who may have had a full and rich life before.

Now I’m not saying for a moment that you have to be Christian to be decent but looked at conversely, when you get these beastie-boys and girls, one thing which does characterize them is a lack of any “replacement’ moral structure for the JCT. In other words, there’s just a vacuum and that is the mark of a beast.

Heaven help any of you in your fading years, if you cease to think as clearly and sharply as you do now, if you cease to be able to defend yourselves. Heaven help you if you find yourself in a care home with an Eastern-European thug in charge of your “welfare” or even a British one. One by one, the checks and balances, the protection people have, is being removed under a faux twisting of the idea of “freedom”, of libertarianism.

In my eyes, freedom is not freedom to act the beast, to become one. As my colleague said yesterday, those people must really hate human beings. And any Christian can tell you – they do. It’s in line with how the other side operates, without any restraint, without any decency.

Decency is a construct but it’s an effective one which ensures that most of us can move about safely. If I see a dozen young men coming towards me on the road, then in a society which still respects people, I can feel reasonably safe. If I’m in a society where the socialists have removed all human decency from people’s dealings with each other by suppressing the JCT, then I’m going to feel most uneasy.

And as for women, their being sucked in by feminism and demanding an end to chivalry – they get their wish and it comes back to bite them.

In Sicily which, despite its mafiosi, is still a Christian society in many ways, I was coming home late one night and there were about half a dozen young men with motorbikes outside a pub on this connecting road. Gulp. I thought the only way to get through was to mind my own business and be pleasant enough if accosted and so I approached them, planning to race into the bar if attacked.

A couple of the young men broke away and came towards me and I thought oh dear, brown stuff.

They’d actually come over to wish me a good evening.

As I walked away from them, I couldn’t help thinking how that would have gone down around the closed Arndale centre in some British cities, how it would have gone in the middle of Moscow or Birmingham or Detroit or even Washington late at night.

You can say all you like and spew hatred of Christianity but I, for one, was appreciative that night of the traditions which still exist in places such as small town Sicily. In fact, the only places I am afraid are where the atheistic socialism has supplanted these with something quite nightmarish, cold and unfeeling.

Such as the UK today.

5 comments for “You can keep your modern dystopia – I know where I still feel safe

  1. john in cheshire
    November 4, 2012 at 4:19 pm

    James, there’s more than a grain of truth in what you say. What I can’t understand is why the Christian churches in our country are not fighting back; and specifically, why they are bending over backwards to accommodate and even encourage islam. I think it’s true to say that the Church of England has been infested with socialists, so they’re probably destroying it from within, but what on earth is the Roman Catholic Church doing to defend Christendom?

  2. nisakiman
    November 4, 2012 at 4:37 pm

    Yes, it’s one of the reasons I prefer living in Greece (riots and Golden Dawn in the capital notwithstanding). I have likewise found myself faced with an oncoming group of muchly pierced and tattooed youth in a narrow street at about 2 am. When we met, they stepped off the pavement to allow me free passage, and wished me a cheery good evening. And to be honest, it was no more nor less than I expected; I had no qualms as they approached. Had I been in the UK however…

    I would class myself as an atheist (with a small ‘a’), but I was brought up loosely as C of E, and I guess absorbed the moral guidelines by osmosis. And I think you are correct in pointing out the advantages of a Christian society. It should not, however, be essential to having a moral compass. Religion has never been a part of my household, and yet my (now adult) children have a very clear sense of right and wrong.

    It has, as you point out, been the (deliberate?) undermining of society by socialist dogma which has led to the current state of affairs, and it’s going to take a lot to fix it, if indeed it can be fixed. Perhaps we must descend into total anarchy before we can rise, phoenix-like, from the ashes.

  3. November 4, 2012 at 4:50 pm

    There’s a post coming up on Ian Gillan and his comments on how things are. Now with so many people saying this sort of thing, surely there should be something there for the PTB to look at and learn from.

    And they are allowing all this because it’s part of the narrative. What other conclusion can you come to?

  4. Greg Tingey
    November 5, 2012 at 3:33 pm

    Isalam is a religion & behaves JUST AS ALL THE OTHER RELIGIONS DO.
    What does matter is that it is 622 years behind xtianity & it shows.

  5. November 5, 2012 at 4:45 pm

    Rural and small town Canada is still very heavily Judeo-Christian. Most of the social and other societies revolve around the Church, and politeness and courtesy are still the norm here. Even the beggars in town are polite. Indeed, many of our neighbours are often shocked by our recounting of life in sub and urban Britain.

    Is some ways I think of my fellow Canadians as wide eyed innocents, but blessed innocents nonetheless. Unless they’re from Toronto.

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