A conversation with Russia

One of my Russian friends sent me the Ian Gillan interview below and asked what I thought – did I agree or not? We had a problem as the original interview was pulled from the net but we found another version of it.

I replied by email:

I disagree about Pussy Riot – in my book they got what they deserved. They brought it on themselves by desecrating a church.

On the other things he said, that’s what I’ve been telling you for a long time and what we’re fighting over here. It’s a pity you had to wait for Ian Gillan to accept it and wouldn’t take my word but better late than never.

Yep, he’s just saying in that interview what we all know over here. There is a bit less than half the population who believe in this political correctness – we call them socialists and feminists over here. Then there is the ordinary person whom we represent, who is dead against all this.

The country is close to the end as a separate country. It’s an utter mess.

I should have possibly gone into more detail about the breakdown of numbers over here. The left-liberal is still clinging tenaciously to this “love everyone” lie of the PC pushers without accepting in the least that it is an open invitation for Them to oppress society and to twist it into ways it was never meant to be twisted. Ian Gillan refers to the Stonewall/police gay ridiculousness and that shocked my Russian friend that this country – Britain – in overseas eyes the bastion of all things decent and of free speech – could act this way.

I pointed out that the police arresting people over incorrect opinions is now par for the course. Real criminals however are wanted on the streets for some reason. They seem to need a pool of thugs available for brownshirt work at some time in the near future.

Gillan perhaps shouldn’t have said that our situation was worse than Pussy Riot’s as the Russians obviously think theirs is worse and that’s a no-win argument. I also don’t like the way Gillan’s lying back pontificating into a microphone but hey – we can’t have everything.

He was mainly right and that was at least useful.

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  1. Single Acts of Tyranny
    November 5, 2012 at 10:55 am

    “desecrating a church”

    Really, if they committed criminal damage, prosecute them in secular court, ditto criminal trespass. One simply cannot claim higher protection than anyone else under the law just because you believe certain things about the universe.

    You realise this puts you on the same page as those who get into a bother about desecrating the Koran?

    Desecration is made-up, criminal damage or tresspass has universal standards of proor. This is surely a no-brainer?

  2. Derek
    November 5, 2012 at 12:13 pm

    If the church authorities had just thrown them out on the street with an accidental clip round the ear, no one would have heard of Pussy Riots. The authorities in Russia fell for their desire for world wide publicity.

  3. Greg Tingey
    November 5, 2012 at 3:37 pm

    Church, smurch!

    What about the disappearences, & crooked deals & suspicious deaths under Putin?
    Pussy Riot are a ditraction – as they themselves intended, though in a different way.

  4. November 5, 2012 at 4:09 pm

    As I wrote at my place:

    Any good they were pretending to do, any blow for freedom was negated by that act or rather where it was and against whom. I followed the story in Russian language and they were trying to get attention for their band, not for any anti-Putin thing.

    They weren’t getting too far and that’s when they hit on one thing which would deeply offend the nation. Perhaps you don’t know the true nature of what they did.

    In desecrating the church which was emerging from the communist era, they were spitting on the Russian people themselves, not Putin – hence the reaction across the land and having lived there for so long, I can understand them.

    There were those using the stupid girls too and saw an opportunity to divide and rule. The liberal opposition in Russia is a highly funded [by the west] rump in Moscow, a small minority, quite different from real dissidents such as Sakharov – they are in no personal danger, this lot because there is big money involved.

    By the way, two years is a slap on the wrist in Russian terms – this carries eight years as a rule.

    As for the Koran and me – LOL. Where have I ever said someone should be killed for saying anything against the bible? Strawmen are difficult to track down – there are so many of them thrown in willy-nilly in place of argument.

    • Single Acts of Tyranny
      November 6, 2012 at 6:13 pm

      I was talking about the ‘crime’ of desecration not the punishment as you surely know.

  5. johnnyrvf
    November 5, 2012 at 4:12 pm

    As a boy I was raised in the Russian Orthodox faith when it was deliberately and systematically persecuted by the KGB, for many millions of Russians it was the only beacon of hope in an unending existence of abject poverty and misery, I knew people who had escaped Stalin and Hitlers SS who cried with joy at the freedom the U.K. gave them and who would now be turning in their graves at what the U.K. has become. No one in the U.K. can possibly imagine what it is like to watch their families be killed for their beliefs, which ultimately choose to honour and respect their fellow neighbour.
    Pussy Riot trampled on a lot of peoples raw emotions by doing what they did, it was a deliberate act of peurile vandalism in which they did not actually think as to how much they would estrange themselves to the average civilised Russian citizen, what is really sad is how far the U.K. has lost its ability to be a free thinking and tolerant society.

  6. November 5, 2012 at 4:55 pm

    what is really sad is how far the U.K. has lost its ability to be a free thinking and tolerant society

    Am about to converse with a Russian friend just now and that is what is shocking him.

    SAofT – having trouble accessing your site to comment at the moment. Some sort of server blockage? I’ll try again later.

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