Oh what a tangled web

We need to keep our eye on the bottom line in these matters and that bottom line is:

The government wishes to regulate the internet.

We know this, there have been so many examples in posts passim and they are laying ploy upon ploy upon ploy, through different bodies. This one about the Beeb, Leveson and McAlpine is just the latest.

Exhibit 1

I’m not at all happy about using Icke commentary because of the highly charged connotations to that name but one comment on his forum is worth posting in part:

1. This whole thing stinks from Tom Watson on-wards. He puts the attention onto senior Tories.

2. Then out of nowhere, Newsnight apparently investigated Steve Messham and his allegations on at least two separate occasions “and found them wanting”. Yet, still went ahead with a report, and with him as its lead claiming abuse by a senior Tory without ever contacting Mc as they weren’t planning on naming him.

3. At the time people were saying they didn’t name but put it out there so that we would name. Cue much twitter speculation.

4. Pip then accosts the PM with a ‘list’ they had been circulating online. He (DC) attempts to spin it into an online witch-hunt, MSM uproar about journalistic standards. Pip later apologizes.

5. Next thing Mc issues a statement and already the media are running with mistaken identity.

6. Later in the day SM (for some reason only now is shown a pic to check he has the right guy) retracts an allegation of a name, albeit one he has never made publicly. He apologizes as well.

7. So does Newsnight, their programme is seen to be in turmoil. News channels run with two theories, either BBC thought they had to be seen to be acting after SaVile-gate and jumped the gun, or they were conspiring to shift blame onto the Tory party and away from themselves. Quite an accusation, but hardly surprising in the climate we are in ATM.

So, now in a matter of a week, the emphasis has been completely switched from sympathy for the victims to the accused. The internet and ”conspiracy theorists” are to blame for a witch-hunt that has already claimed one innocent. Anti-Tory and homophobic attitudes are also blamed. We’re being threatened with legal action now.

SM (who I also think has been leaned on), a key figure is seen to be discredited somewhat and the MSM + online agents are casting him as an unreliable witness, allusions to fantasists from the trial are re-awoken. Already one high profile public ”accuser” and ”accused” story has been entirely misleading and there is fresh talk of just how believable any other victims might be.

This of course might lead to people being less willing to come forward, handy that eh?

Instead of the internet being touted by people to get info from, as the MSM is seen to be compromised, it’s actually a dangerous mass witch-hunt that’s to blame for accusing innocent parties and could compromise any future cases and it’s outcomes.

Exhibit 2

OK, now this from Anonymous:

Icke in 1999 accused McAlpine of being a paedophile in the Biggest Secret, pages 301, 383 and 392, making references to his involvement in the North Wales Home as well as of satanism.

McAlpine did not sue Icke for those accusations.

McAlpine was also named in Scallywag as a paedophile. He was accused of having oral sex with an underage boy in 1965 and Scallywag stated that he was formerly cautioned by Strathclyde police for sexual.

Scallywag Magazine no long exists and the editor is dead. Of the three who gave evidence at the enquiry, one is dead, one is missing and the third is Steve Messham.

This post in no way accuses McAlpine of any wrongdoing – it merely reports who accused whom of what and what eventuated as a result. It makes no comment on the ongoing events of these recent days, nor of the veracity of the events described in the quote. If any part of the above is factually incorrect, e.g. there was no Strathclyde caution, it will be immediately withdrawn and an apology issued.

Exhibit 3

Lost in care, report of the tribunal of inquiry into the abuse of children in care in the former county council areas of Gwynedd and Clwyd since 1974

Document type: Publication

Author: The Honourable Sir Ronald Waterhouse(Chairman), Margaret Clough, Morris le Fleming DL

Published date: 16 February 2000

Primary audience: Professionals

Product number: 0105566608

Gateway reference: 2000

Series number: HC Session 1999-00 201

Pages: 937

Copyright holder: Crown Copyright

Stationery Office publication.

There is no downloadable electronic version of this document. Browsable webpage version of the report (opens new window)


Exhibit 4

10-11-12, 21:21: Entwissle resigns – nothing changes.

Exhibit 5

IPJ’s take:

So let me get this straight.

Because of Internet rumours, Macalpine has come out rigorously denying those accusations. Now the bbc has had to “apologised unreservedly for that report”…why? Where exactly is the problem?

And what is S M apologising for?

And then Dave Cameron says ” every institution, every journalist, every politician needs to be CAREFUL”. Funny thing is, no institution, journo or politician has named Macalpine.

So now there’s going to be a pause in all newsnight investigations as of now, and a suspension of all freelance investigators involved with these stories.

This is a key moment in this whole sorry mess. The goverment have thrown everything at this. Will the general public accept this nonsense and simply roll over, or will the pressure remain? It’s shaping up to be a complete and utter whitewash.

Is this a classic Problem/Reaction/Solution ploy by government to regulate and shut down parts of the internet. Was the Savile release planned to whip up a public reaction, quickly followed by the N.Wales affair Was the Schofield stunt planned, especially the “it took me 3 minutes on the internet” phrase.

Alarm bells started ringing when none of the arrests from the ‘formulating the arrest strategy’ announcement materialised, that they had decided to nip everything in the bud.

I have to say I seriously think that Mesham has been warned off. Heavy, heavy stuff people would do anything to stop coming out.

He had a meeting with the Welsh secretary David Jones 3 days ago. What was said in that meeting? Were the wheels of spin and smokescreens already being concocted? Were lines being drawn, threats being issued? Just look at Cameron and his fake homophobic diatribe. The press has gone crazily circumspect and sycophantic ever since!

It seems that an attempt to knobble Steven Messham had been tried before.


However, he was cleared of all charges, 4 years later after being near bankrupted and losing his house.


A leading figure in the fight against child abuse in north Wales has been cleared of benefit fraud. Steven Messham, 42, denied making false claims to receive housing, income and council tax benefits worth £33,000 from 1995 to 2000.

A jury at Chester Crown Court found him not guilty of five accounts of false accounting on Tuesday. Outside court, Mr Messham, of Buckley, Flintshire, said his life “had been on hold for four years”.

The jury had heard that Mr Messham was a key figure in setting up the landmark inquiry by Sir Ronald Waterhouse into child abuse in care homes in north Wales after he had been a victim himself as a youngster.

He also helped set up Norwas, the North Wales Abuse Survivors support group, to provide counselling for victims.

After the verdict was returned, Judge Stephen Clarke told Messham he was free to get on with his life, saying: ” It is over. You may be relieved, but I am as well”.

Speaking outside court, Mr Messham said: “It has been four years, one month and 12 days since I was arrested for this. “Since then my life has been unbearable. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t go out. I lost my house. “Today is about justice, not compensation, but my life has been on hold for four years and so has my family’s.”

Exhibit 6

Common Purpose and the Leveson Inquiry

“… Anthony Salz who is now Executive Vice-Chairman of Rothschild and was formerly Vice Chairman of the BBC Governors. Anthony Salz is also on the board at the Common Purpose controlled Media Standards Trust that launched the hackinginquiry.

The Scott Trust and the Rothschild ‘Eranda Foundation‘ have both funded the Media Standards Trust.

Anthony Salz is a trustee of the Scott Trust which owns the Guardian Media Group. It was the Guardian newspaperthat first published information about Milly Dowler’s phone having been hacked.”

Common Purpose graduate Shami Chakrabarti is Chancellor ofOxford Brookes University. Common Purpose graduate Joanna Foster was formerly Deputy Chair and Governor of Oxford Brookes University and chaired the Lloyds TSB Foundation and the Equal Opportunities Commission.

Joanna Foster is also an Associate Fellow of the University of Oxford SAID Business School.

Another Common Purpose graduate at the SAID Business School is Elizabeth Paris who has been Managing Director at JPMorgan and Managing Director at The Chase Manhattan Bank.

Dame Helen Alexander is a trustee of the Oxford University SAID Business School and was Chief Executive of the Economist Group until 2008.

Lady de Rothschild and Chair of Common Purpose Sir David Bell are on the Board of Directors at The Economist Group. Dame Helen Alexander is also on the World Wide Web Foundation Board of Directors along with Ex – Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Exhibit 7

See comment from Ken Craggs at:


Exhibit 8

On the culture of abuse at the top of European society:


Interesting times we are living in. If anything is factually incorrect, e.g. so-and-so is not and never has been a member of this or that, please advise and it will be corrected.

8 comments for “Oh what a tangled web

  1. Greg Tingey
    November 11, 2012 at 8:58 am

    There is now apparent the comment(s) that it WAS a McAlpine, just not this one (there are quite a lot of McAlpines, apparently) but the McAlpine who was guilty is now dead.
    Um, interesting.

    BTW T. Watson’s open letter to Cameron is very interesting.
    See here:

  2. November 11, 2012 at 9:28 am

    The admins have been having a wee chat and the general point which seems to be agreed is we should hammer this anti-internet regulation thingy hard and as often as necessary. To this end, if we can find the material and it checks out, we’ll put it up.

  3. November 11, 2012 at 11:20 am

    Sorry, you say that government (or some secret organisation) has arranged for Saville to become a major story, then North Wales – all to impose draconian regulations on the internet. The same government that can’t orgnise itself out of a paper bag when it comes to any project and is always surprised when unforeseen consequences always destroy it’s campaigns, issues, rules, regulations and taxes.

    They might be taking advantage of the situation but in no way can the numpties be able to organise anything. And like anything they organise it will fall to pieces in pretty short order and be shown to be a pile of doo-dah.

    • November 11, 2012 at 12:46 pm

      I’m inclined to agree. Opportunism, yes. Conspiracy – in yer dreams. They don’t posses the aforethought and competence.

  4. November 11, 2012 at 11:31 am

    SBML – observe:

    Leveson ‘to order press must be ruled by law’: Newspapers could face big fines and new press body will have to answer to MPs


    • November 11, 2012 at 12:48 pm

      Oh, this was to be expected. What has happened is a badly behaving press handed the government a coup on a plate. This is a result of twattery big time, giving the control freaks in Westminster an easy victory. That they planned it is highly unlikely, though.

  5. Greg Tingey
    November 12, 2012 at 8:30 am

    Longrider is correct.
    When so-called “newspapers” interfere in a murder enquiry, & access the essential records of the murder victim, then something HAS to be done.
    Bought & paid for out of the Murdoch empires arrogance & overweening desire to control (including all the politicians)

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