Now the Telegraph is at it, whereas it used to be reserved for the Guardianisti and its sister paper readers, the Independentisti.

There’s a very interesting phenomenon in that there is evidence all over the western world that we are under heavy assault from alien cultures, from a destructive political elite, from PCism and the net effect is that the traditions and underpinnings of the society are being steadily eroded and the worst aspect of this Brave New World – that it’s a dystopia no one would want to live under – is being steadily put in its place.

Thus the hegemony of the chav and hoodie, sex taught in schools, condoms handed out to 11 year olds, no teaching of the nation’s history except in a bowdlerized, PC or feminist form, parents failing to parent, giving the State the excuse to intervene and create The New Child in its own image, the infesting of school staffs by the very people who should not be there, the lowering of the national moral compass to the extent that violence is endemic, from road rage to rape, less and less and less respect and “look after N1” the only rule, so many living on their own because they just can’t get along [women are a major cause of this – see the stats on suers for divorce] and so on and so on.

At the same time, a series of texts exist, a couple of thousand years old, which warn of just such times and in one in particular, there is talk of “a falling away” in the end, a situation where false prophets abound, where people wander about aimlessly, indulging their whims, no direction, purposeless, where the architect of the universe is vilified by empty tin cans, loudly proclaiming: “There is no God,” completely ignoring the wealth of evidence of history and the adherence of almost all cultures except ours to the spirit they know exists and in response to that, the empty tin cans say history is bunkum.

In terms of the rewriting of history in the last four decades – and the libraries are flooded now with PC and feminist “literature” – the empty tin cans are right. In terms of the 200 or so generations before that – not right. Interesting how, when children are failed, that is they are not taught about the greatness of their country – and from the godless Gen X onwards, this has been the case – then as Yuri Bezmenov noted, the people are incapable of coming to rational conclusions, of forming reasoned hypotheses.

And yet they desperately claim that that’s what they’re doing – being rational. Yet the very Science they rely on, the new God to whom all defer for veracity, is being hit by scandal after scandal. So when a commenter at the Telegraph writes of the heritage of the Enlightenment, he is speaking of the hijacked Enlightenment, the Enlightenment which might have been but was hijacked by the Royal Society and the inevitable result is this sort of thing:

To that can be added the whole climate “science” scam which has dealt a body blow to the hegemony of the God Science – “Oo, well it’s scientifally proven, innit eh? – while even the Big Bang theory is being exposed for the utter tosh it is – that is, a theory bereft of the slightest compelling evidence beyond Scientists’ conjecture.

There may well have been a Big Bang but the tin cans have no evidence for it, any more than they have evidence for their categorical statement that there is no God. I’ve put that to the Dawkinites over and over – where is your evidence?

And what do they offer in return? Where is my evidence? I point to the extant texts in history, to which they say – that’s just history.

Yes it is.

There’s no point, is there?

I’d love to meet the authoritative figure who supplied them with this gem of wisdom. Actually, I have no wish to meet him as I know who he is already and am hellbent on countering him to the best of my limited human ability – see Ephesians 6:12.

Coming back to the garbage at the Telegraph, this is the new child who is being produced:

I left school 5 years ago. At every assembly since I was about 10, I remember thinking how odd it was that we were made to sing Christian hymns when the majority of students (and teachers) clearly didn’t believe in any god, let alone the Christian one. Furthermore, I’m a dreadful singer.

Intellectual giant, eh? You sang the hymns of your nation’s heritage – yes? And what? You were “made to” stay with your parents for the first eighteen years of your life. Terrible, wasn’t it? You were “made to” eat food to stay alive. You were “made to” have an education, even though you did not receive one in the end.

Another commenter put it succinctly:

What utter tripe from the usual suspects. The country is, nominally at least, overwhelmingly Christian and those of other faiths make up considerably less than 10% of the total population.

View the census results. Which is not to say there are not grave concerns – the mix in the country is being steadily eroded – some would say it’s a flood – but it’s not so much them per se who are the immediate problem, rather, in the words of another commenter:

I’m not sure that it is just immigrants who are pushing for side-lining or even destroying our Christian way of life. More likely it’s those far-left pests who have infiltrated every corner of our lives – you know, the types who run ‘Stonewall’ for example, or who dominate the teaching unions, and who produce explicit sex education material for infants. They’re a menace, the lot of them.

Then we come to this error-strewn notion that societies must “evolve”:

A culture that does not evolve is a dead culture.

What utter tosh again. In the same way that Iris Murdoch, in A Severed Head [1961] wrote:

One doesn’t have to “get anywhere” in a marriage – it’s not a public conveyance.

… so in culture. The underpinnings of a society, it’s values such as the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, the Sermon on the Mount – don’t evolve, they just are. How do you “evolve” the concept of thou shalt not kill? How do you “evolve” the chemistry between a man and a woman?

Things like that quote are the utter bilge being hawked around as wisdom these days and of course, the guilty party in this mentioned in the previous quote. The only places where the notion of a society “evolving” holds water is in the law and medicine and there are distinct points in our history when advances were made but they still owed a debt to the cultural underpinnings which never altered, nor should they have.

A ship has a backbone, a keelson. A car has a chassis if it’s built to last. Buildings have foundations deep in the earth.

And this desperate attempt to excise the very name of Jesus of Nazareth from all debate smacks of the fear of how His values are putting a spanner in the works of those who would wrest your hearts and minds for themselves, i.e. the oligarchical state and in that agenda, they can brook no opposition, not even one from 2000 years ago. Let’s face it – He was pretty unequivocal in what He said. I mean, there was no halfway house, was there?

You shan’t divorce your wife except for adultery. Not much dispute there eh? How many people in our society today would not like to be reminded of that one little bit? You must not hurt a little one. Wonder what Jimmy and the lads think of that one? No doubt McAlpine would agree with Jesus on that, being entirely innocent as he is.

And there are the undoubted effects such values have had on our society, in the making of it:

Play down Jesus Christ and you play down all he stood for. In an ever more ludicrous quest of political correctness, out goes the baby with the bath water.

What will take its place, because people are looking for some sort of spiritual guidance, especially now? As one nun collecting for charity said to me. “Many people have become obsessed in themselves, and too materialistic, but they still need spiritual faith”.

Without spiritual faith you can grow up without having a conscience, and no sense of guilt. That collectively does not make for a lawful and happy community, and I don’t want to live in a land of Mad Max.

And that is the key point here. There is the spiritual side of Christianity revolving around John 3:16, there is the spiritual side of every human – and without it, we are chavs and infantilized beasts, bereft of even an aesthetic culture – and then there is the spinoff effect on society, which that commenter referred to.

Organizations such as this leftist National Association of Standing Advisory Councils for Religious Education (NASACRE), another PCist outpouring which appointed itself to oversee the dismemberment of our cultural heritage at taxpayers’ expense, says that each minority religion and culture, even the 1%ers, have to be accorded equal status.

What bollocks, says this commenter:

Britain is a christian country with a small c. Nearly every village, town and city contains a church which was built by the people. Some are a thousand years old. Followers of other faiths are free to practise here but must understand and respect Britain’s heritage . It is, when all is said and done, their choice to live here.

And as for NASCAR or whatever it calls itself in order to suck on the taxpayer teat:

Does it matter what some anonymous, unnamed coward from NASACRE “insists”? Really? What is taught in our abusive, institutions of state controlled social engineering – is it worthwhile any more?

Contraceptives at 13 without advising parents.

Instead of the three “R’s” we have sexual instruction to children as young as eight.

Young people leaving school barely literate and largely inumerate while clutching a handful of “A” grade examination results. My children could read and write by the time they commenced schooling. Likewise their minds were grounded in knowledge of what is right and what is wrong.

I mean, how many times do these horses’ backsides need to be told this?

England and the UK are Christian countries/states and the census results bear this out. The central role of Christianity in British life is borne out by the fact that the Queen is also head of the Anglican Church. Other minority religions may well be tolerated in the UK but the idea they they have any sense of equality with Christianity is preposterous.

And another:

Over my dead body! It’s high time we reclaimed our school system and stopped this outrageous plunder by hemp-eating, Guardian-reading left-wingers. Those people in mid-life in this country had the benefit of an excellent education and now it has been so diminished that young people leave school barely able to compose a sentence.

And another:

Why are we standing by and watching our precious Christian religion, our traditions and our culture being so denigrated?

And as for this out-and-out lie that this is not a Christian country:

Many of our people believe in God. This is not some Christian, right wing, political push, neither is it the opinion of the government but the fact is Christian men and women, on Christian principles were responsible for the way this nation developed and history shows this to be the case. It is appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools. If our God offends immigrants then they should consider another part of the world as their new home.

And so on. They were not written in some Church of England quarterly or Onward Christian Soldiers monthly – they were written in a national daily which goes to all people.

And lastly, from a non-Christian:

May I be the first to inform ‘ NASACRE’ that its proposed plan will upset the Muslim community. This is because Jesus H Christ is also the sacred Islamic Prophet Essa.Although NASACRE does not give a toss about upsetting the Christian community, NASACRE will be quaking in its sandals and its primark UggBoots at even the remotely slightest possibility of upsetting any of the MUSLIM sbbbettlers occupying ghettoised Britain.

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  1. graham wood
    November 12, 2012 at 10:05 am

    James. A very good comment and I agree with every word of it, but mixed with a deep sadness at the deliberate destruction of our Christian heritage in all the areas you mention.
    We can discuss the academic subject whether the UK is a Christian country still or not, but of one thing we can be sure, the forces of Leftism, including our own government, are doing a good job in removing every trace of Christian liberty, freedom of religion in the public square, and freedom of conscience. (NWO, EU, Common Purpose, all have a part)
    At risk of being thought a crank, and banging this particular drum again, the issue of same-sex marriage is a typical case in point and one that we must engage with.

    The government is pursuing this policy with an energy and determination that bespeaks an ideological obsession with it.

    It is NOT an “equality” issue as ministers wrongly claim, but rather a fixed determination to destroy the unique status of the God ordained institution of marriage, and with it the family unit.
    Potential sexual anarchy would be the result, with polygamy, polyamory, bigamy and other deviant sexual liasions all clamouring for recognition as “marriage”

    Moreover, the government does not DENY the concept of marriage as a good institution, it can achieve its intended destruction by simply adding to it by incorporating ‘same-sex’ into the mix, and then calling it marriage.
    Without going into all the proffered arguments – just think of a few of the implications should SSM become legalised. E.G.
    1. Parents would no longer have the right to have their children excused from school lessons covering SSM (it would after all be part of the law of the land). That is State sponsored indoctrination in my book, not education.

    2. Primary school teachers could be disciplined (if not sacked) if they refused to teach about gay marriage.

    3. Christian adoption and fostering agencies could be turned down from taking children for believing in traditional marriage, and not accomodating SSM.
    So we could go on. These are but a few of the implications as our children’s mind’s are poisoned and confused by this Marxist ideology.
    The process is incremental (no denial of real marriage is ever made, it is simply destroyed from within. It is a step by step process – slowly slowly catchee monkey etc.

    So here is one battle that is critical for the future of marriage, for the future of our children, and yes, the future of the Christian Gospel being tolerated in the UK at all in coming days.

    • Greg Tingey
      November 13, 2012 at 8:32 am

      “Our christian heritage”
      Actually looked at it, have we?
      Persecution, torture, blackmail & lying…….

  2. November 12, 2012 at 11:03 am

    Graham, you wrote:

    We can discuss the academic subject whether the UK is a Christian country still or not, but of one thing we can be sure …

    Absolutely. I am vastly more concerned with the political, the social aspects. What religion you follow or don’t is your biz, not mine and I have no desire to force that down everyone’s throats like a Stonewall campaign in schools.

    IMHO, the narrowminded way something meant to be good was applied for centuries – Crusades, Inquisitions, corruption, paedophilia – has left the Church wide open for the sort of criticism it gets.

    However, the socio-political aspects you address in your comment are vital for us to take a stand against – now. If we could get them stopped, then I could rest easy and the religion itself can take care of itself … or not. It’s an entirely different discussion.

    • Greg Tingey
      November 13, 2012 at 8:33 am

      Sorry but you CANNOT be a Libertarian & a christian.
      Because christianity sets VERY strict (irrational, inconsistent & cruel) rules for its’ followers.

  3. Rossa
    November 13, 2012 at 7:53 am

    According to this ‘research’ we don’t need intelligence any more! But then with the government there to think of everything for us, from cradle to grave, that’s not exactly a surprise. Kids get schooled not to think so this is a perfect example of research fulfilling it’s own criteria. Didn’t need much intelligence to write this then did it?

  4. Greg Tingey
    November 13, 2012 at 8:31 am

    What utter dribbling putrid bollocks.

    Here are some propositions, which you are welcome to try to disprove.
    Unless & until you can, they stand.

    1. No “god” can be detected – OR – “god” is not detectable ( & therefore completely irrelevant )
    2. All religions are blackmail, and are based on fear and superstition.
    Corollory 2a] Marxism is a religion.
    3. All religions have been made by men.
    4. Prayer has no effect on third parties.
    Corolloary 4a] There is no such thing as “psi”
    5. All religions kill, or enslave, or torture.
    Corollory 5a] The Bigots are the true believers.

    To which, I may add:
    “Morality is doing what is right, regardless of what you are told.
    Religion is doing what you are told, regardless of whether it is right, or not.” [ Anon, apparently! ]

    I call either delusion or lying, by J Higham, & I hope it is delusion.

  5. Greg Tingey
    November 13, 2012 at 8:41 am

    Quaoting a well-known author, from his blog …

    “I’m not sure science requires faith at all, at least not in the religious sense.

    What it does require is trust — that is, you trust other scientists to understand and confirm the accuracy of yet other scientists’ findings. The basis of peer review is a transitive web of trust, so that we can be reasonably certain that someone trustworthy will vouch for the accuracy/meaningfulness of the newly reporting findings. And we use the reviewers as proxies for our own willingness to put in the years of skull-sweat and toil that would be necessary in order to understand what’s going on for ourselves.

    At no point does a peer reviewer say, “I know this doesn’t make sense, but you gotta have faith”. The moment they do that, you’ve stepped off the deep end into religious belief.

    Rather, what they’re saying is, “I have studied field [x] for [y] years, and what Joe reports about [x] appears to be correct. You can take this on trust, or study it for yourself if you’ve got the time.”

    Note the difference between this, James’ loopy ramblings about science & the utter bollocks of religion” (including communism, of course!)

  6. Furor Teutonicus
    November 13, 2012 at 12:24 pm

    XX The underpinnings of a society, it’s values such as the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, the Sermon on the Mount – don’t evolve, they just are.XX

    Just like Billy Bunter, The famous five, and the Disc world.

    They JUST ARE….Works of fiction.

    Get over it, you have placed your bets on a horse that has not only “not run”, it was never even BORN.

    And you know what annoys your sort the most?

    Is that I just don’t CARE enough about your fictional character to even BOTHER going out and finding “evidence”.

    YOU go out and find evidence that “The Disc world” does, or does not exist.


    THAT is what you hate. REAL athiests. Not those like Dawkins, who is merely seeking another “religion”.

    • November 13, 2012 at 3:16 pm

      There you go again – just a bold statement that such and such doesn’t exist, as if you are the store of wisdom.

      If I have to choose between centuries of the greatest scholars and what you and I say here now, FT, which one do you think would win the day?

      • Greg Tingey
        November 13, 2012 at 5:22 pm

        I agree with FT
        Because we know more this year than we did the year before ….
        And so on.
        The bible implies the value of Pi is 3.
        Some parts of the boble claim that there are “places” where the lord keeps the wind & the storms…..
        The bible classifies Bats as Birds ….
        All wrong, because we have better knowledge now – which you discount, because you don’t like it, poor little spoilt child!

        • November 13, 2012 at 6:54 pm

          I agree with FT

          Well of course you do, Greg. In other news, the sun rises in the east.

  7. Storm In A Teacup
    November 13, 2012 at 3:03 pm

    I’m confused – you’re writing on a libertarian blog, yet object to people who reject Christianity?

    Also to clarify a mistake under the “Get It On” scheme, which gives condoms to teenagers, they can only be given to 13 year olds upwards. Under the age of 13 you are not considered able to give consent to sexual activity. Therefore 11 year olds will not be given condoms; personally I also think that if a 13 year old has told you they’re going to have sex with their boy/girl friend, then you’re far better off giving the the means to have safe sex – if promising not to tell their parents is what it takes for them to come get a condom, then fine!

    • November 13, 2012 at 3:11 pm

      I’m confused – you’re writing on a libertarian blog, yet object to people who reject Christianity?

      Think it through – of course I oppose people who would ban Christianity – bansturbators are not libertarian.

      • Storm In A Teacup
        November 14, 2012 at 2:35 pm

        You’ve mis-read my comment – people who reject Christianity for themselves, not ban it completely.

        And is imposing only one religion in state run schools libertarian?

        From the original Telegraph article:

        “By law, conventional state schools are required to stage daily acts of collective worship that are “broadly Christian” to reflect the country’s heritage.”

        Removing that requirement is not banning Christianity – it is making the country MORE libertarian, not less.

  8. Greg Tingey
    November 14, 2012 at 2:38 pm

    I think there may be an antidote to the reason-free rubbish that James is writing in this piece.
    To be found in a discussion on “the next 500 years” in a blog by a well-known SF author.

    It might hurt your brains, but give it a try:


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