One of the key purposes and limitations of blogs is getting the material out there for reading.

Problem with a blog is that you can only include a certain amount each day in a packaged, notated form, otherwise people get swamped. At my blog, there are 6 or 7 posts a day and I’m not even starting to cover it all, with the amount which is being fed to me.

This is no good for data junkies who need a constant stream coming through and so, occasionally, it needs a post where a lot of urls are included with brief commentary and this is one of those.

Read at will.



# What a surprise. Everyone’s known this for years. The stockpiles are a cosy stitchup by the manufacturer, EU, UN, etc etc. Same as the yearly vaccines, completely useless:


# It seems to be an absolute tenet and article of faith amongst the faithful that scientific differences or disagreements can be settled by debate and rhetoric. if you ‘win’ the debate, then the ‘correct’ science follows.



# A man of principle in John Ward, I think he has just proven that the Daily Mail totally set up Messham. We can only pray that Messham is not getting the David Kelly treatment.



# If I HAD to choose, I think I would probably go for Kelvin MacKenzie. The only one who seems not to care what Governments of either hue think of him. Unfortunately he is a socialist so would maintain the BBC left wing bias.


# Now we know where the fast track rail network and routes came from, and their importance to the overall EU Project.

Thin end of the wedge: As written up in the 2004 Venusberg, (Bonn, Germany) report on the future of EU defence – Civilian and Military Partnership and fast-track rail network for the use of. Another step into the paramilitary global defence force, integration, integration, integration…At last it is clear.

http://www.cap.uni-muenchen.de/download/2004/2004_Venusberg_Report.pdf Written by Bertelsmann (Arvato/Random House etc., Gutersloh.)

Hi All,

This is interesting! Is this a thin end of a wedge to control us or against the Government?


Pointman on the Beeb:



# Tell me again how smart Google are? Tell me again how wonderful renewables are?


# US now out of top countries:


Chuckles again:

# Once upon a time, Amazon was a dot-com-era technology company best known for selling books. Then, in 2003 and 2004, Amazon wanted to streamline its internal process between the programmers and the hardware engineers. It was a move that many other companies were taking, but an Amazon engineer had a brilliant idea: Why not use the same project to design an application that could rent chunks of Amazon’s computing facilities to customers?



# Tell me something new:


# Studios telling paying customers they’re thieves:


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  1. Voice of Reason
    November 14, 2012 at 2:11 pm

    You are correct on this: “# It seems to be an absolute tenet and article of faith amongst the faithful that scientific differences or disagreements can be settled by debate and rhetoric. if you ‘win’ the debate, then the ‘correct’ science follows.”

    That isn’t how science is done, nor how policies should be made. But our fearless leaders don’t understand science, and confuse it with magic.

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