Oh what a tangled web [2]

Through various good people who point to the data, I’ve been following the path of Common Purpose in local government for some time. The problem is the plethora of data, how much space it occupies in a blogpost and how interesting it is to the reader.

For example:

Let’s revisit these three posts again before getting into it:




Graham Roberts now brings an interesting angle to the story:

How ironic that the Media Standards Trust , set up by 2 Common Purpose trustees, have now got involved in the hacking scandal. The Media Standards Trust is a trojan horse fake charity set up to re-balance as they see fit how the press is regulated (in other words to the advantage of their cronies inside the BBC – Guardian)

Middleton and Bells – CP Trustees and founders of the Media Standards Trust had been collecting illegally for nearly 2 years, the data of foi requesters, then distributing their names via a blacklist – to public bodies who CP dealt with. CP embarked on a smear campaign against ordinary members of the public who put in foi requests referencing CP.

Evidence of the above:

and it goes on to give that. There is a bewildering array of bodies set up with innocuous sounding titles but fairly nefarious purposes or at least the people who set them up have been up to nefarious activities.

[Warning before proceeding – this post makes many references to posts on my own site and so to reprint them all here would make the current post prohibitively long. I’m not interested in traffic beyond what I have and so you can view these in RSS, take the url and go there independent of my blog, which will fulfil the twofold purpose of giving you the data and avoiding giving me hits.]

Some of them, mentioned here, include:

# the Media Standards Trust,

# the Parliament & Internet Conference,

# W3C,

# Tetherless World Constellation,

# total information awareness:

Total Information Awareness – a prototype system — is our answer. We must be able to detect, classify, identify, and track terrorists so that we may understand their plans and act to prevent them from being executed. To protect our rights, we must ensure that our systems track the terrorists, and those that mean us harm. [ h/t Ian PJ]

John Poindexter was Vice President of Syntek Technologies, a government contractor. Syntek and Poindexter worked for years with DARPA to develop Genoa, a surveillance device that’s a combination cutting-edge search engine, sophisticated information harvesting program”, and a “peer-to-peer” file sharing system. Kind of a military-grade Google/Napster for use in instant analysis of electronic data.

The result: Facebook.

# Demos – a particularly virulent body mentioned here and here, of which Geoff Mulgan was a founder:

“Mulgan worked from 1997 as a Special Adviser to the Prime Minister on social policy issues…responsible for social exclusion, welfare to work, family, urban, voluntary sector and other issues.

Demos trustees brought together Sir Douglas Hague (former adviser to Margaret Thatcher), Jan Hall (Chief Executive of the advertising agency Gold Greenlees Trott), Martin Jacques (Co-founder of Demos, former editor of Marxism Today), Julia Middleton (Chief Executive of Common Purpose), The Royal Institute of International Affairs, The RAND Corporation, The International Institute for Strategic Studies, The Hudson Institute (founded by Herman Khan – model for Kubrick’s Dr Strangelove), The Heritage Foundation, The Centre for Policy Studies, The Institute of Economic Affairs, The Aspen Institute, The Adam Smith Institute and so on…

Pause for a moment and that should tell you something. Adam Smith participating in a Marxist project?

# Performance and Innovation Unit’:

A Cabinet Office news release of 1/9/00 announced the appointment of Mulgan as Director of the ‘Performance and Innovation Unit’ (PIU):

“The PIU’s aim is to improve the capacity of Government to address strategic, cross-cutting issues and to promote innovation in the development and delivery of policy and in the delivery of the Government’s objectives. The Unit reports direct to the Prime Minister through Sir Richard Wilson.”

# Geoff Mulgan chaired the Advisory Council alongside Martin Taylor.

# Semantic Web

# web gurus

# Commissioner for Public Appointments:

On 6 February 2002, the official website of the UK Prime Minister announced, “Dame RennieFritchie re-appointed as Commissioner for Public Appointments.” In the following minutes (Number: 716), dated 23 May 2002, Julia Middleton, CEO of Common Purpose, states that she is working for Dame Rennie.

# Julia Middleton:

She has founded or helped in the founding of the Media Standards Trust, DEMOS, The Good Governance Network, Impetus Trust, and Alfanar. Julia is also on the board of the Orwell Prize and was an editor of the magazine ‘Marxism Today’.

# In 2007 the MacArthur Foundation awarded a grant of $350,000 to the Media Standards Trust and the Web Science Research Initiative to develop their plans for authenticating news on the web.

# The Technology Strategy Board [no link] is overseeing the setting-up of the ‘Internet of Things’ in the UK.

Pause for breath again. What we have is all of us bloggers out here doing what we think is free and unassailable and meanwhile, all these toerags are setting up this body or that, unbeknowns to us, to oversee what we’re doing in an official capacity. This is “leading beyond authority”, the former official byline of Common Purpose.

# The U.S. Alliance for Telecomunications Indusry Solutions (ATIS) is a founding partner of oneM2M (see p.5), which itself is ‘Unifying the Internet of Things

# Then there is the WorldConference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) and it is believed by many that the ITU is going to try and take-over the Internet at some point after the conference.

# Citizen’s juries and other local area bodies, set up by the same people every time and chaired by them.

# You can find a partial list of CP controlled organizations here [read the article] .

Indimedia says the organisation [by late 2009] had training programmes in every major town and city in Britain and since 1989 more than 60,000 people had been involved with 20,000 ‘leaders’ completing one or more programmes. These are:

Leaders: Matrix and Focus
Emerging leaders: Navigator
Very young leaders: Your Turn
Leaders who need a local briefing: Profile
National leaders: 20:20


They themselves seemed quite proud of it [read the article]:

We run a Common Purpose programme in every major city and town in the UK and in an increasing number of European cities. 12,000 leaders from all sectors and backgrounds have become Common Purpose ‘graduates’.

And that’s just an introduction. Is it any wonder that councils have turned nastier than historically the case [e.g. wheelie bin crime], are providing fewer services, often now at an extra cost [firms know about rubbish collection demands by councils], plus investing the proceeds in places such as Icesave?

# Witterings from Witney has more of them:

In his article Gilligan also alleges ‘links’ between HackedOff, Sovereign Strategy, and Common Purpose and in connection with his accusation about ‘left-wing’ support, it is one perhaps understandable when looking at HackedOff’s list of supporters, amongst whom are Polly Toynbee, Julia Middleton, Helena Kennedy and Chris Bryant MP. It is also worth mentioning at this stage that the Media Standards Trust, set up by 2 Common Purpose trustees – Middleton and Bell – have now got involved in the hacking scandal.

# Via Graham Watson, that Telegraph piece, dealing with the laughably named Sovereign Strategy:

Separately, The Sunday Telegraph has also learned that one of the key members of Lord Justice Leveson’s inquiry into privacy and the press is chairman of a charity which was itself censured for multiple breaches of privacy laws.

Sir David Bell is one of a six-strong panel appointed by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, to assist Lord Leveson in his work.

However Sir David chairs a charity, Common Purpose, which was reprimanded by the Information Commissioner in 2009 for six probable breaches of the Data Protection Act.

Sir David was appointed to the Leveson inquiry because of his role as chairman and co-founder of the Media Standards Trust, which campaigns for for “transparency and accountability in news” and against “all forms of illegal intrusion by the press.”

The Media Standards Trust is another supporter, with Sovereign Strategy, of the Hacked Off campaign, paying for the campaign’s website.

Wheel within wheels. I could seriously go on for another 20 or so A4 pages and still not cover it all. Here are some good sites:

UK Column
CP Exposed
Stop CP
Ken Craggs
PJC Journal
Witterings from Witney

… and a host of other fine blogs you can find in my blogrolls and others soon to be there.

2. And today: the Local Government Ombudsman – here’s just an excerpt:


3. More rotten boroughs

4. Priestley on press freedom:


5. And from Ken:

Common Purpose graduate Shami Chakrabarti is Chancellor of Oxford Brookes University . Common Purpose graduate Joanna Foster was formerly Deputy Chair and Governor of Oxford Brookes University and chaired the Lloyds TSB Foundation and the Equal Opportunities Commission.

Joanna Foster is also an Associate Fellow of the University of Oxford SAID Business School. Another Common Purpose graduate at the SAID Business School is Elizabeth Paris who has been Managing Director at JPMorgan and Managing Director at The Chase Manhattan Bank. Dame Helen Alexander is a trustee of the Oxford University SAID Business School and was Chief Executive of the Economist Group until 2008.

Lady de Rothschild and Chair of Common Purpose Sir David Bell are on the Board of Directors at The Economist Group. Dame Helen Alexander is also on the World Wide Web Foundation Board of Directors along with Ex – Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

The bottom line is that few are going to be interested in this and those who are may not be aware how deeply rotten the situation is – Tim Berners Lee being in consultation with these people, for example, on how best to control the net [links passim].

The net has gotten out of control by the PTB but we should perhaps be aware of some things all the same:

1. The bastards are organizing to put a legal framework in place to control the net, unbeknowns to most people who will then be presented with it as a fait accompli;

2. They are provoking incidents, e.g. the paedophilia thing, in order to bring in their measures [neo-Hegelian];

3. We can be switched off even now, either through our provider being leaned on for some spurious reason or for the server being taken down. The link we have with each other, people, is very, very tenuous indeed.

By all means let’s have our academic discussions of whether God exists or not or whether the Frankfurt School was nefarious or not or even the old left/right dichotomy but the thing which is the issue of the current day is Control v Freedom. Above were some examples of how control is being feverishly put in place and little outposts, such as this site, are doing their best to expose and publicize this.

Without oversensationalizing it unduly, this is war really, between the common people and the PTB but as those links above show, many of the evil muvvers are not so much the visible elite themselves but their lackeys – ordinary seeming people looking much like you and me.

To meet them, we might not even be aware. This is the most dispiriting part, to know that many of those about us, even reading this now, are quislings either wittingly or unwittingly. We could perhaps remove a few “leaders” but how do we remove or at least stop others who look just like us until they’re examined?

Exposing them is one thing – stopping them is another.

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    “The Trust, which Sir David chaired until recently, subsequently spawned Hacked Off – the campaign group demanding press reform fronted by actor Hugh Grant and comedian Steve Coogan – which has boasted of its role in considerably expanding the Inquiry’s original remit.

    Sir David’s friend and Trust co-founder is Julia Middleton with whom he heads an organisation called Common Purpose which receives millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money from public servants sent on ‘leadership’ training courses. It is described as the Left’s answer to the old boys’ network.”

  2. November 16, 2012 at 12:05 pm

    By all means let’s have our academic discussions of whether God exists or not or whether the Frankfurt School was nefarious or not or even the old left/right dichotomy but the thing which is the issue of the current day is Control v Freedom.

    Bit long for a t-shirt but agree: “Control v Freedom” is the heart of it.

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