They Don’t Learn

I recall the opening credits to “Porridge” many, many moons ago. The voice over talked of Fletcher being an habitual criminal who regarded capture and incarceration as an occupational hazard. So, to, it seems do those criminals on the green benches.

The MPs, including former Cabinet ministers, are claiming expenses of up to £20,000 a year each for rent, as well as receiving money from properties that were often bought and refurbished with taxpayer assistance.

Last month it was disclosed that 27 MPs were letting out their second homes while charging the taxpayer for renting another property.

Tonight’s Channel 4’s Dispatches programme found five more — three MPs who were carrying out the practice in London and another two who were renting and letting properties in their constituencies.

So all that guff when they were caught with their fingers in the till last time, was just that, guff. They have not reformed –  as habitual criminals tend not to –  they still take our money with the threat of violence and line their own pockets with it. And they have the sheer effrontery to accuse us of immorality when we arrange our tax affairs to minimise our exposure to their light fingers

Thieves and charlatans, the lot of them. And they wonder why we choose not to endorse them with our votes. What we should be doing is rounding them up at pitchfork point and stringing them up from the nearest lamp post.

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  2. mikebravo
    November 19, 2012 at 7:16 pm

    The big difference between them and Fletcher is that they never “…go to prison for five years”.
    A little porridge might cure their habits.

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