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Présidence de l’UMP : le camp Fillon revendique la victoire

François Fillon affirme que des fédérations UMP d’Outre-mer n’ont pas été comptabilisées dans le résultat final. «Il y a eu des résultats, il faut maintenant se rassembler», réplique Copé. Mais pour sortir de la crise, le camp Fillon en appelle à une direction provisoire confiée à Juppé.


This is exactly what I mean by the left-liberal establishment getting nasty when they don’t get their own way and the narrative is impeded. Rough translation:

Presidency of the UMP: Fillon camp claims victory

François Fillon says federations UMP overseas were not counted in the final result. “There have been results, we must now come together,” replies Cope. But out of the crisis, the camp Fillon calls for a provisional leadership entrusted to Juppé.


BS! He won the victory and the Fillon/Srkozy/EU/UN crowd can’t accept it. Anyone remember when Ireland failed to vote the right way? Watch them try to overturn the women bishops thing too.


UPDATE: The issue is the overseas votes apparently. Fillon received more than Cope by quite a margin. So, when they’re all put together, this is the result:

Sorry but according to that, Cope still wind, does he not?

Fillon is saying that the Presidency should be given to Juppe in the interim and presumably fresh elections held. Cope is saying – well add whatever needs to be added and let the Commission count and decide.

UPDATE UPDATE FROM LE MONDE Think you don’t need a translation:

17:45 our time

Jean-Francois Cope and the president of the electoral commission, Patrice Gélard, refused the challenge.

18:07 our time

This is exactly what has happened with the other issues over here. Le Monde, the left wing paper, naturally for Fillon, has run which deputies and senators support cope or fillon, as if that is relevant. One commenter says:

Changez le titre, de l’article, même si le contenu est instructif, donc intéressant, ne nous imposez pas la vision que “NOTRE” député ou sénateur pourrait soutenir Fillon ou Copé! Puisque nous vous disons que nos députés ne sont pas UMP, et que nous trouvons cela plutôt rassurant! Soyez logiques: le titre devrait être: “quels députés et sénateurs soutiennent Fillon ou Copé?” C’est moins porteur, mais aussi plus exact, c’est ce que l’on attend de NOTRE journal.

Rough translation

Change the title of the article, even if the content is informative, interesting, therefore, do not impose the image that “OUR” deputy or senator could support Fillon or Cope! Because we tell you that our MPs are not UMP, and we find it reassuring! Be logical: the title should be: “what deputies and senators support Fillon or Cope?” It is less buoyant, but also more accurate, this is what is expected of OUR newspaper.


Copé appelle Fillon à «retrouver le sens de la responsabilité»
Cope calls on Fillon to “regain a sense of responsibility”

It is up to Mr Fillon, if he wishes to appeal. Then all polling stations will be examined and and not just those chosen by François Fillon. ”


In his speech at the headquarters of the UMP, Jean-Francois Cope quoted an interview with Jerome Peyrat, and filloniste member of Cocoe, in which he “severely judges the attitude” of his champion. “Frankly, I have not seen you forget and we all countersigned results on Monday. Of course we had reservations about statements made ​​in Nice, Paris, in the North or in Marseilles, but nobody has raised any irregularity or reservations from Overseas, “said the adviser Régional d’Aquitaine in south-west.

For him, “legally, Jean-Francois Cope was elected president of the UMP” and the last episode is “purely political” or “the fruit of bitter losers.” “We, the Fillonistes, have led the campaign to the end, but now it’s over. We stop here and we work together to rebuild and prepare for municipal elections.”


James signing off


Sorry, sorry – update again:
François Fillon a annoncé au journal de 20h de TF1 qu’il “renonçait à la présidence de l’UMP”. Cependant, il n’exclut pas de “déposer un recours devant la justice” si sa victoire au scrutin n’était pas officiellement reconnue et si une direction collégiale n’était pas instaurée à la tête de l’UMP.

François Fillon announced he “renounced the presidency of the UMP.” However, it does not exclude “filing an appeal in court” if its victory at the polls was not officially recognized, and if a collective leadership was not established at the head of the UMP.

In other words, he’s going to keep sniping.



Il n’y aurait pas une contradiction … “je renonce … mais j’exige qu’on reconnaisse quand même ma victoire …” Là pour le coup c’est vraiment idiot…

There would be no contradiction … “I give up … but I still recognize that I still won …” Here we have a real idiot …

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  1. Greg Tingey
    November 22, 2012 at 9:30 am

    In one small respect
    The “women Bishops” thing was a clear majority.
    It was 3 votes short of a 2/3 majority, which is a very different kettle of bananas, isn’t it?

    ANyway, who cares what the followrs of the Bronze-Age goatherders’ myths “think”?

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