France result – Copé wins

8. Yep and here they go:

The pro-Fillon Philippe Goujon confirmed today that supporters of the former prime minister would discuss the creation of a separate parliamentary group in the Assembly tomorrow at their meeting around François Fillon from 9.30.

“If there are no other solutions to enable a strong expression of the word of François Fillon to the Assembly, it will establish an autonomous group, while remaining within the party,” he argued.

“There will be dozens of parliamentarians who will support this action,” he added. It takes 15 members to create a group in the Assembly. At any time, members can decide to form a band.

There is actually a solution, a very good one – accept the umpire’s decision and work together now it’s decided. It’s better than earlier – at least they are staying in and that means Cope is their leader.

7. Here we go:

François Fillon has denounced a “coup” by Jean-Francois Cope and again challenged the results proclaimed by an internal committee of the UMP giving the victory to his rival, in a statement.

“Once again, Jean-Francois Cope was proclaimed president by a coup,” writes François Fillon, who the decision of the National Commission for the use of the UMP “is illegal,” the commission with “no guarantee of impartiality. “

The sooner they ditch this liability of a man, the better.

6. 17:59: Copé: “Nous avons besoin de François Fillon” We need FF.

After the proclamation of his victory, Jean-Francois Cope again called Francois Fillon to join. “I will compose a college with different people in our political family, regardless of their vote, and I propose to François Fillon and his family to participate in this work,” said the president of the UMP. “We need him,” he assured.

After being declared the winner by the National Commission of Appeals, Jean-Francois Cope called [for UMP to] “choose forgiveness rather than division” and “the future rather than rancour.” “I do not polémiquerai, it is a duty I place on activists and supporters of the UMP,” he said, asking “every respect” from voting activists. “I make this choice without a second thought and I urge everyone to do so, he said. Now we must rebuild. I urge all members of the UMP to come together to embody a strong opposition and united.”

Fat chance and I think he knows it. Fillon’s pram toy throwing was so bad that I thought he was socialist, not UMP. Turns out Hollande likes him and would prefer him in there. So where is this talk of a divisive Cope? They fear the first true small c conservative in a very long time.

5. 17:26: Copé proclamé vainqueur de l’UMP

The official text:

La commission des recours de l’UMP proclame dans un communiqué la victoire de Jean-François Copé à la présidence de l’UMP avec 952 voix d’avance sur François Fillon.

The Appeal Committee of the UMP in a statement proclaiming the victory of Jean-Francois Cope to the presidency of the UMP with 952 votes ahead of François Fillon. Jean-François Copé obtient au total 86.911 voix contre 85.959 pour son rival.

The Board of Appeals invalidated the results of the polling station in New Caledonia, as well as office No. 1 and No. 3 in the Alpes-Maritimes, where copéistes denounced “irregularities”. She also returned to the results recorded in Mayotte, Wallis and Futuna, as requested by François Fillon.

On the other hand, 26 votes were withdrawn François Fillon’s office No. 16 Paris, and six votes were taken away to Cannes-Mandelieu.

During lunch with François Fillon, Nicolas Sarkozy had said he was “not unfavorable that militant fans vote again” and he had “not yet decided in what way he would go,” Le Figaro learned from sources.

Commentary: Suffice to say at this stage that it could be the breakup of UMP, it is certainly going to hit the fan.

It’s the first time for decades that a national organization, in the face of immense pressure from the PTB, from the EU, from the IMF, from all of them, has stood up and proclaimed a victory for a small c conservative and what’s more, declared fraud by the other side.

Copé’s platform is small government, nationalist, free enterprise, lower immigration, stop the gay marriage thing etc. etc. – just follow what I’ve been blogging on and that’s basically him. This is going to:

1. Send Fillon out of UMP, from where he will then form a centrist party with Hollande or a coalition – they’re of similar thought. Fillon actually is not but his supporters are leftists.

2. Ruin it for the FN as Copé is now the voice of the right.

3. Ruin it for the EU because now it is both France and the UK which want out. That also ruins it for the global PTB or at least they’ll see it as a setback until they … what … assassinate him?

Interesting time coming up. Just wonder what deal Copé made with Sarkozy before lunch?

People, this is very big and really does point to a shift in recent days. Is it that people are sick to death of all the corruption or is it just the next step in the eternal game? the implications for Europe are immense.

4. Copé va être déclaré vainqueur (BFMTV)!!

Now it’s really going to hit the fan. Here’s the text in rough translation:

According BFMTV, citing people close to Jean-Francois Cope, the National Commission of Appeals is expected to announce the victory of Jean-Francois Cope to the presidency of the UMP, with 950 votes ahead of his rival, François Fillon. BFMTV also states that the Commission invalidated the votes offices Nice and New Caledonia to fraud.

3. Significant that the Socialists who’ve been fairly quiet on it all so far, have finally shown their hand:

“It is significant also, perhaps a weakness in the ideas, and especially a power within the party (…) between those who are in the race for the shallot with the National Front, and those who are more attached to republican principles, “he said. “This is perhaps the most serious.”

Meaning they’re hoping for Fillon. Cope is quite isolated now against the Socialists, National Front, Pink UMP members and a generally socialist electorate. The principles of conservatism are clearly not respected over there. The only hope for Cope is the Commission now and I’m awaiting the announcement.

2. Le résultat proclamé à 17 heures

That means 16 hrs our time, which means right now. Stay tuned.

1. The Appeals Board will announce the winner this afternoon, announced a source close to Cope. According to one of them, the members of this committee were to 13h, trying to “write their decision.” “They will make their decision today,” said one source. According to this source, Jean-Francois Cope should be proclaimed president by the commission.