French local election results


It was never going to be difficult to understand and in the local elections in France, as returns come in, it’s been where the leaders have been kept at a distance from the campaign that the best results have come.

Interesting that there has been up to 60% abstention from voting and that should worry all party leaders. As in France, so in the UK and the US, Canada and Australia. South Africa is a different issue, being run by sheer corruption, a third world country now.

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  1. Judd
    December 17, 2012 at 8:53 am

    Politicians don’t give a monkeys if 98% of the electorate don’t vote out of sheer disgust at them.

    So long as they get more votes than the other geezer and get their noses in the gravy trough they are made up.

    The electorate are a odd breed, doesn’t matter how many times history repeats itself and the latest batch of electred representatives prove themselves to be just as corrupt, dishnonourable, incompetent, liars and criminally negligent as the previous generations, they still vote for the same batch.
    Some would call it lunacy.

    It was inevitable SA would revert to type, brewery and piss up springs to mind.
    Don’t fret though, Son of Cast Iron Dave will promise several £billion of money borrowed in our childrens name to subsidize the great freedom.

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