He really doesn’t get just who is paying for it…

The boy Clegg was mouthing off to the press today about opposing the draconian Tories, boasting about ‘saving’ £10 billion in cuts from welfare reform and anchoring the Tories in the sensible centre ground.


Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has criticised “siren voices” among Conservatives for seeking to impose “draconian” cuts on the welfare system.
In a speech marking his five years as Lib Dem leader he claimed his party curbed plans for an extra £10bn in welfare cuts, and had “anchored reform in the sensible centre ground”.
Ministers had a duty to ensure that “further reforms” were fair, he added.
But Labour accused him of trying to distance himself from broken pledges.
His speech marks the eve of the fifth anniversary of his election as Liberal Democrat leader but comes at a time when some opinion polls suggest his party has slipped to fourth, behind UKIP.

He really doesn’t get it that curbing plans for cuts means that those of us who contribute to the system have to find between us £10 billion still rather than it going on something useful rather than just keeping a welfare system going where it’s possible to live in comfort paid for by those of us daft enough to keep working…

He’s also struggling to understand why a party of the right has probably kicked them into fourth place. The clue is in the costing us money and thinking the EU is a good idea for the UK both of which Cleggy boy appears to subscribe too.

As for the mythical middle ground, well positioning yourself between Cameron’s ideas of  where the Tory Party should be and where Labour are is not the middle ground, if anything it’s mildly left of centre as the Tory party currently are not really of the right as such. I rather have the feeling that most of us do not regard the Lib Dems as a centre ground party, but that of the big state knows best left, granted they are not Labour, but at least Labour don’t pretend (generally) to be something they aren’t, granted they pretend lots of other things, but a party of the left, no.

I rather think Clegg has found out why it’s always best to be the protest vote party, difficult and unpopular decisions have consequences…


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  1. December 18, 2012 at 2:52 pm

    Yes, such a party will be centre-left if it came about.

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