OoL wishes you a Happy New Year

We currently have a situation [why do these things happen over Christmas?] where two of the admins are down with the dreaded lurgy.  There is also another issue which necessitates the principles of this site to be restated.

It was agreed when we set this site up that it was going to be truly comment is free, in the sense that we respected the right of anyone to come in and have his or her opinion. It was never going to be that you can write on these freedoms but not on this one.  We, the admins, are not arbiters of what people write about here.

One admin wrote: “My unchanging stance is that people are free to post anything they feel is deserving of a wider audience, whether true or not. Only things I kill instantly are off topic in comments, libels and ad homs.”

That is how it has always been here and that is how it still is and shall continue to be.  No one proselytizes, no one tries to take the site in certain directions for any length of time.  Even if they did, then comment is free and others are free to drown that out with counterviews.

We had many situations in the early days where certain authors would put posts counter to what most saw as freedom – a certain financial pundit springs to mind – and others were free to come in and slap him down, so to speak.  It’s always been rough and tumble and yet relatively polite at the same time.

This is the nature of free speech put responsibly.  In fact, if someone cannot accept that free speech, he’s equally at liberty to depart.   He’s also at liberty to return.

He’s at liberty.  Bottom line.   Not only that, he or she is welcome.

Another admin wrote: “It seems there are quite a few people who like the mix, and plenty who say they are capable of just not reading a post they know they won’t agree with.”

Yes, I’ve had quite a few emails my way in the last 24 hours, as you’d imagine, and that was the tenor of the comments.  We don’t expect people to agree with us, we don’t expect anyone to try to turn the site into this or that, we expect people will come in and either bring up a topic related to freedom or suppression of it, or to PCism and how ridiculous it is and others are then free to disagree.

An important point is that topics have a shelf life.  Once they’re played out, they’re played out and that’s that – we get onto others.   Sure we might repeat ourselves from time to time.  Every time something new comes up, often it’s something someone did out there which needs fisking and so, sigh, we have to deal with it again.

Often it’s a topic people perhaps hadn’t thought about and it goes through the same process.

That’s OoL and that’s how it should remain – supporting all issues of freedom and all freedoms, not picking and choosing which ones to support.

On behalf of the admins, I wish you a Happy New Year and we all hope to see you when a new lot of issues are unleashed upon the world.