Bureaucrats jail man for clearing own land


We’re in a cold snap and the Australians are in a hot snap or heat wave. However, the heat is not the only issue downunder, according to Amfortas who quotes Joanna Nova:

As Greens blame coal miners and SUV drivers for contributing to firestorms that destroy houses, ponder that one man tried to reduce the risk of fires and cleared firebreaks on his property in WA in 2011 and is currently in jail for it, serving a 15 month sentence. Most of the cleared land had been cleared before in 1970 or 1983. This was mere scrubby regrowth. He was trying to separate his property from DEC (Dept of Environment and Conservation) managed land with a 20m wide fire-break.

He was technically breaking an injunction and so went to jail but what he was really in for was for taking on the DEC:

Szulc believes that his land is his land, and that he should be able to manage it without asking permission from anyone. Those “management plans” sound innocent, but as other farmers (like Matt and Janet Thompson and Sid Livesey) have found out, the management plan is an insidious form of  creeping fascism.

Why should a landowner need to get permission to clear firebreaks on his own property? Land clearing is expensive, and top-soil in Western Australia is a precious commodity (we have the poorest and oldest soil in the world, and fertilizer costs money). No land-owner would want to overdo the clearing or lose that thin layer of top-soil.

The owner stands to lose the most if the land is badly managed. That is the point of the free market and ownership by individuals.

The bottom line then is that no one is going to clear more than necessary and thus there is natural regulation going on – it doesn’t need precise specification from a bunch of bureaucrats.   Even if he did lose out, they have other means of enforcing it than putting him in jail.

This is a global thing, this rule by bureaucracy and simply adds to all the other things written in the past few days.  The only good thing to come out of it is the detestation of the citizen for oligarchs and bureaucrats worldwide, more than at any other time in recent history.

2 comments for “Bureaucrats jail man for clearing own land

  1. Amfortas
    January 14, 2013 at 8:16 am

    ‘Green’ is the colour of Oz. Our Red centre is the cause of the annual heat waves but our greeny pressure groups are the main ‘protectors’ of desert environments and forested fire-havens alike. They will not allow any ‘interference’ with nature’s horrors.

    I once wrote a ‘paper’ for the Guvmunt (unasked) outlining the construction of a huge wall within the interior which could bound an enormous inland sea. Such a sea, a thousand miles across, quite shallow in places and dotted with thousands of islands, could transform not just our climate but our entire economic and demographic future. A hundred cities could be built around it; the interior around it would be made fertile and productive; and we could take in 75 million people over a fifty year period.

    Oz politicians have no vision however; no guts; no sense.

  2. amfortas
    January 15, 2013 at 5:23 am

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