How To Shift The Emphasis: A Masterclass By Professor Mary Beard

We all remember how Prof Mary Beard got her arse handed to her on live TV at ‘Question Time’, don’t we?

Well. good. Because the narrative has shifted, she’s wrapped herself in the cloak of outraged womanhood and declared that she’s the victim of ‘trolls’ and ‘right wingers’ who mock her appearance and attack her because she’s a woman…

The website owner’s protestations that this is just what’s happening notwithstanding, the newspaper that gleefully hosted the video just last week now gives her column space:

Mary Beard OBE, Professor of Classics at Cambridge, is author of a dozen books, writer and presenter of BBC2’s BAFTA-nominated Pompeii and Meet The Romans, and a regular on Radio 4, Newsnight and Question Time.Today, she is sipping a cappuccino, peering at me through smeary specs and speaking very calmly, clearly (and loudly) about the myriad unspeakable, disgusting and abusive online comments she has received over the past week in what must surely be one of the most truly monstrous episodes of internet trolling ever.

Do remember this next time someone rants & raves about ‘the right wing press’. They aren’t, they don’t have any agenda. They’ll sell any story, from any angle.

Even one clearly designed to make us all forget what really occurred on ‘Question Time’…

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7 comments for “How To Shift The Emphasis: A Masterclass By Professor Mary Beard

  1. john in cheshire
    January 27, 2013 at 11:39 am

    This woman should be booed every time she shows her ugly presence on a public arena.
    As far as I’m concerned, she can say what she likes; what I object to is that she is allowed to hold positions that carry undue influence, and to which ordinary, normal folk do not have access. In the words of Margaret Thatcher, she should be deprived of the oxygen of publicity. Then perhaps she and her awful thoughts will wither away.

  2. Martin D
    January 27, 2013 at 12:01 pm

    Dear Mary is in the frontline in the war against us she being a mere tool,but you should be gratefull she was allowed a voice,know your enemy, her, Bliar, Cameron, Clark haven’t sufficently dumbed down the populaton enough, a speech from Cameron who markets bullshit on Europe and the sheeples go back to grazing, to be fattened up with futher bullshit (propaganda) to stay in.

  3. mona
    January 27, 2013 at 2:24 pm

    Mind shagger Mary Beard., Common Purpose, BBC consultant,New World Order supporter, straight out of 1984.

    • January 28, 2013 at 10:37 pm

      Mind shagger Mary Beard


  4. January 27, 2013 at 8:44 pm

    “The ladies and gentlemen of the press” is merely a euphemism for “the whores of the press”. 👿

  5. Woman on a Raft
    January 28, 2013 at 12:59 am

    For info: here is an index of the report(s) which Mary Beard referred to.

    Arguably the councillors never had it open to them to recommend that central government prevent at-will immigration; it wasn’t their job. Their job was to assess the strains and suggest solutions, which is basically “give us more money then”.

    Since they are asking for more money it follows that they must in fact be under additional strain. They never said they were doing marvellously. Contrary to what Prof Beard claimed, the report makes it clear that they have greatly increased demands made on them, that’s why they need the money.

    It also follows that since they need the money, the people coming in must be net beneficiaries, not net contributors. Otherwise they’d be rolling around in dosh and saying “It’s alright, we don’t need any more money, the influx of people has left our coffers so swollen with tax receipts that we can barely get the lids down and are issuing all the council employees with silk knickers to fart through.”

    They did say, however, that many people had stated that the best remedy was to prevent further immigration and to require those not working to return to their country of origin. This is plainly impossible under the present legal structure.

    The most interesting sub-report is the media one, where the Task and Finish group toy with trying to make the local press in to more of a propaganda machine. If you can only read one report, make it this one: Notes on Media reporting, from the index above.

    From the Notes on Media reporting; they give the game away:
    You are technically on our side
    The editor tries very hard to explain that he’s not on anybody’s side; he has to reflect the spectrum of public events and opinion.

    Sorry, can’t avoid a Godwin infraction. The tone of the report is in the subtext; the committee would dearly like to do the Goebbels thing of seeing and approving newspaper copy before it goes out so that they can engineer the content but still retain the illusion of a free press.

    The committee is clearly not neutral; as one of them said I have got a personal initiative to integrate Polish people.

    At the bottom of p.13, the closing vent is from Malcolm Swire who spent some years editing the Boston Eye blog. He gives a true bloggers’ broadside:

    Boston Borough Council gets off very lightly at the hands of the local media. They seldom, if ever, question or criticise its decisions. On occasion, letters that do have been edited or gone unpublished. The spoon-feeding of “council news” to the local papers appears regardless – even when it is contradictory. In some ways the newspapers cannot be overly criticised. The quality of journalism today is not what it once was. Low levels of newspaper staffing in some cases means that the council can “write” large sections of a newspaper and save its hacks the effort of leaving their desks. Doubtless, there is an element within the council which feels that this is a good thing, because the council view prevails. In fact, the lack of accountability which results is a disservice to local democracy, and encourages complacency. The losers are the electorate.

    If you ever wonder if your blogging is worth the effort, this report shows why. Local councillors and academics are shit scared of it, particularly of the New Boston Eye blogspot. Good. Mary Beard is a disgrace for presenting a council’s pr mash-up as if it was credible academic research.

  6. Woman on a Raft
    January 28, 2013 at 9:34 am

    I posted long-ish comment which included a link to the document(s) Mary Beard was relying on. I think the spam filter has grabbed it.

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