Rules Is Rules, Know What I Mean?

School uniform regulations are always good for a post or two, and often get a good old ding-dong going in the comments between the ‘cherish your individuality!’ crown and the ‘we need standards!’ crowd.

Personally, I favour the latter. But then along comes a story that….well…

A schoolgirl who had her hair coloured pink as part of a lesson was later excluded from classes for breaking school rules when the dye did not wash out.

I… What?

Lucyanne Ralph’s hair was dyed under the supervision of a teacher during a hair and beauty studies class at Walthamstow Academy in Billet Road just before the Christmas holidays.

OK, ignore the fact that this constitutes an actual lesson these days (it’s hard to do, though, isn’t it?) and just think on that for a minute. This isn’t some stroppy little madam deciding to flaunt the rules, it was done with the schools permission, nay, with their encouragement, as part of their curriculum!!

The school’s principal, Emma Skae, said she did not comment on individual pupils and that she hoped to meet with Ms Hughes in an attempt to resolve the matter.

What’s to resole, other than to say ‘We’re very, very sorry, we made a mistake, we’re just stupid jobsworths with no more sense than a goldfish’..?

Someone in the comments pops up to claim that this is not what’s happened:

ivcurak says…If we are being honest and bring a story to the paper, let’s give them the truth. Here is what actually happened. Lucyanne did dye the lower portion of her hair in her lesson using wash out dye. But then why is her hair fully dyed now? Well, that’s because she took it upon herself to color the rest in her own time, knowing full well what the consequences were going to be – and here we are. Furethermore, her friend who did the same has accepted that she was wrong and is going to have her hair dyed back to her natural color today – common sense goes a long way, and so does owning up to the real truth.

Hmmm. I don’t know. It’s all too easy to believe both stories as equally possible these days, isn’t it?

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  1. February 4, 2013 at 11:52 am

    ‘We’re very, very sorry, we made a mistake, we’re just stupid jobsworths with no more sense than a goldfish’


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