Too little, too late

Some of the Lib Dems must be getting a tad desperate when looking towards the next general election. Down in the poll’s becoming increasingly unpopular and having reneged on several electoral promises as part of the compromise they made to share power, they’re discovering the price of that power.

It’s very unusual for an elected party to remain in power indefinitely, the urge to meddle and form society along party doctrine usually ends up with them becoming increasingly unpopular as they move away from what ordinary people want into doctrinaire la la land. Some however see the writing on the wall and seek to distance themselves from the party by jumping onto the band wagon of popular causes…

Mail. (usual caveats)

Immigrant communities cannot adopt a ‘pick ’n’ mix approach’ to living in a liberal democracy, a Home Office minister will insist today.
Liberal Democrat Jeremy Browne will attack multicultural doctrines which have meant the state turning a blind eye to so-called ‘honour crimes’, forced marriage and female genital mutilation.
He will condemn ‘misplaced cultural sensitivities’ for a failure to tackle such issues in Britain.
Speaking at an event in the House of Lords, Mr Browne will warn that ‘thousands – perhaps hundreds of thousands’ of women and girls in this country are not enjoying the proper ‘benefits of living in our liberal society’.
He will add: ‘That is not because of some accident or oversight. It is because of a deliberate rejection of the emancipation revolution and the equal opportunities now afforded to women and girls.
‘This situation is wrong. It is unacceptable for the individual women and girls whose freedom and opportunities are stifled.
‘And it is wrong for our society. There cannot be a pick’n’mix approach to living in a benign liberal country. The benefits must be universal, without exceptions or exemptions.
‘I do not believe that cultural relativism provides an excuse to opt out of our shared liberal social settlement. Everyone should enjoy the freedom to make their own choices, without the fear of social coercion.’

Well I’ve got news for you Mr Browne, the time for such words was back in 1997 when the previous government came in and opened the floodgates of immigration, introduced the Human Rights Act and inculated the divisive policy of multiculturalism and political correctness throughout the branches of the state to make damned sure that all cultures were to be deemed of equal value (save the mainstream one) and above reproach, investigation or condemnation from their critics. This is why Councils like Rotherham and their social services turned a blind eye to the grooming scandal of muslim males of Pakistani/Bangladeshi heritage using underage girls as sex toys for over a decade and in many cases blamed the girls for the exploitation because it was politically incorrect for them to actually blame the perpetrators for doing as their culture did. All cultures being equal and some being more equal than others. This is why we have ‘shariah’ gangs roaming London’s East End beating up gays and telling any woman or drinker that they are in a ‘muslim’ area and such things are not allowed, because they’ve been allowed to think they can get away with it and be above criticism. It’s why some poor woman who worked in Victoria’s Secrets had acid thrown in her face by a veiled woman simply for working in a shop where underwear was sold and not wearing the full islamic marquee outfit as favoured by devotees of the religion of peace who believe the rest of us will either convert, pay protection money or die before they’ve finished with us.

All this (and more) could have been prevented by integration policies rather than multicultural ones where they were simply allowed to ignore the laws and standards of the country.

So sorry Mr Browne, you’ve left it too little too late to do anything about this save only in the most draconian of forms, the boil should have been lanced a decade ago, now it looks increasingly like amputation will be needed.

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  1. February 6, 2013 at 10:07 am

    This is where we are and there’s a deep depression across the community [psychologically] – it comes out in so many ways. Cuts by businesses are highly indicative.

  2. Greg Tingey
    February 7, 2013 at 8:15 am

    And not just the Lemmingcrats, either!

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