They care. We don’t. They win.

There’s a moment in Douglas Adams’ Life, the Universe and Everything, where he following takes place:

Ford continued, picking up his early fierce momentum as best he could.

“The point is,” he said, “that people like you and me, Slartibartfast, and Arthur — particularly and especially Arthur — are just dilletantes, eccentrics, layabouts, fartarounds if you like.”

Slartibartfast frowned, partly in puzzlement and partly in umbrage. He started to speak.

“— …” is as far as he got.

“We’re not obsessed by anything, you see,” insisted Ford.


“And that’s the deciding factor. We can’t win against obsession. They care, we don’t. They win.”

“I care about lots of things,” said Slartibartfast, his voice trembling partly with annoyance, but partly also with uncertainty.

“Such as?”

“Well,” said the old man, “life, the Universe. Everything, really. Fjords.”

“Would you die for them?”

“Fjords?” blinked Slartibartfast in surprise. “No.”

“Well then.”

“Wouldn’t see the point, to be honest.”

And that is how the bstds we’re fighting are getting away with it – they’re boring us to death. It is a typical Common Purpose tactic to:

1. Offer something everyone would want up front;

2. Produce a glossy brochure on it [who pays for it?]

3. Puts the real detail somewhere hidden in the other text;

4. Ensure that text is way too long and has a bureauspeak number or name.

Douglas Adams used this as his opening plot device in the Hitchhiker’s Guide where Arthur, whose house is just about to be demolished, is told by the council jobsworth that the plans have been available for some time for the public to see – can’t remember, was in some basement in the council offices?

While it’s underhanded, it’s not technically illegal as they write the by-laws. It is however, illegitimate.

In this glossy brochure from Shropshire Council:


[H/T Ian]
… there’s a further technique:

5. Hide what you’re doing in plain sight.

If you go through the brochure, it’s all about the vibrant new initiatives Shropshire is getting up to and it goes on for pages and pages. What is not mentioned is that council tax payers’ money is sued for these things for a start. Then look at the nature of the rhetoric.

shropshire 1

Hang on – what’s this “voluntary organizations”? A volunteer is someone who sees a place, e.g. a charity shop and volunteers. It requires no bureaucratically administered, on high salary, organization to “co-ordinate”. This is precisely what Common Purpose tried with the Scottish Arts Council – to set up a committee voluntarily and democratically under the auspices of Common Purpose to “coordinate” artists.

Shropshire 2

“Set up” is a word meaning CTPayers’ money to pay for salaries again. Multiply this by the number of initiatives in the pamphlet and you’ll get an idea of how many salaries of CP approved appointees are to be paid on the taxpayer.

Shropshire 3

Whoa! Volunteering England? National Council coordinating volunteering “organizations”? Calculate the admin salaries on that.

Shropshire 4

Consortium of Providers. Astounding. If you are a provider organization, you can apply to the Consortium for membership and note carefully the pre-acceptance questions and answers to see that you’re the “right type”.

Shropshire 5

So what they do is match anyone who’s signed up for the Volunteer Army with anyone from businesses they’ve squeezed in the area who want unpaid workers and Bob’s your uncle. All under the auspices of these new bodies and in this case, jauntily called Dragon’s Den.

In plain sight. And who would pick up on that? Only a beleagured Christian and/or scholar. And the average person? You have to be joking, right?

This is how it is being done. Can you fight it? How do fight an assumption? Somewhere in England, they got the concept of Volunteering England up and going. Their brethren in Shropshire simply adopt what is already in existence and there you are. Shropshire and how many other councils up and down the UK?

And there is the command and control in place, under the influence of a small group of people in the approving and overseeing body. Themselves working for a … common purpose.

And what is that common purpose?

3 comments for “They care. We don’t. They win.

  1. Tatty
    February 13, 2013 at 3:15 pm

    And what is that common purpose?


  2. Mudplugger
    February 13, 2013 at 8:56 pm

    I seem to recall that in ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide’ the demolition plans had been posted on Alpha Centauri or some similar celestial body, rendering them even less likely to have been seen by Arthur Dent than in his local Town Hall basement.

    I’ll get my coat……

  3. Greg Tingey
    February 14, 2013 at 10:20 am

    Wrong “enemy”

    CP may be insidious & unwelcome, but there’s much worse out there.
    Taking your own premise of “being ready to die for it” …
    The islamicists, nazis under another label.
    Much more dangerous.
    Priorities, please!

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