Getting anywhere now is like wading kneedeep through sludge

2010-10-05-14-38-28-11-a-firefighter-is-wading-through-the-mud-which-is-rA few of us were talking about what you might have been talking about and the general tenor was that on Channel 4 last night, the chosen issue, the people brought in to discuss it and the result of that discussion all came to nothing. One of us said:

Incidents can be presented today to include political content about matters that are marginal to that purported to be in in discussion. As Nigel Farage famously asked: “Who are you?” More to the point – who do they represent? Certainly not anyone I know.

So much today seems to sideline the really important stuff like the NHS scandal where lives are lost appalling conditions still exist and nobody is bought to book in any way at all and they present endless programs on a scam that hurts nobody and is basically the fault of the EU regulatory system.

Same with the Jimmy Saville inquiry – all is celebrity tittle tattle. The actual problems of local authorities and the running or not of children’s homes is secondary to z-list or dead celebrities making the headlines.

Last night was another in this endless line that we are fed from people who have an agenda other than the one stated. No one today seems to address the real problems; its all diversionary and of little real value.

Just why are people like those last night continually given a platform to get their views over on subjects that have little or no bearing on what should be being discussed and is never challenged by the media?

The one he was referring to was that of cheap food:,AAAAAEabvr4~,Wtd2HT-p_Vh4qBcIZDrvZlvNCU8nxccG&bclid=0&bctid=2163061669001

I don’t completely agree that that issue is marginal or irrelevant. In fact, the pushing of junk food onto the population by pricing crap relatively cheaply and good food expensively, along with shelf presentations and discounts, along with the way celebs have taken the issue up – guaranteed to turn off thinking people – and there is a ready-made means of command and control.

Keeping people under nourished and overfed and the implications for health, particularly in a National Health Service, are pretty dire. Let’s just say that few would be in any condition to fight to defend the country, even if we knew who the country was in the first place.

I wrote a post supporting exercise some time back and had my head almost ripped off by almost everyone. Didn’t know there was such strong anti-exercise feeling. Frankly, that really stunned me until I realized that what people were objecting to was not the actual nutrition and exercise but the celeb and govt pushing of it.

And this is what is going on. Something worthwhile such as eating halfway nutritiously, having that food available at an incentive price and exercising, which any sane society would support as a general principle, has been taken up by the wrong people and presented in the wrong way, coming up against the populace’s deep resentment at being pushed around and told what to do.

So the issue is lost. Meanwhile, the real issues, e.g. the NHS losing of lives, is hardly addressed, the media do not demand heads and it’s all cream puff and diversionary, as my friend said. And our fierce resentment is continually fuelled by CP controlled local government who make people walk with their wheelie bins and only collect once a fortnight and prosecute for the most ludicrous things.

Not giving too much away but I had to deal three days ago, with three regional authorities and a council together. That was not a good experience. What should have been low-key and streamlined was turned into a case of having a 23B/B784P which you needed in order to go for [not get but only go for if you behave yourself like a good boy and jump through hoops] your X34Z/7r-24N.

Each successive link was 15-28 days and I found myself having to tell one authority what another authority was saying. In short, no one wanted to accommodate a simple request. There’s this heavy molasses – I hesitate to call it molasses as molasses is sweet – covering every move, every transaction, every phone call even. The moment any move is made in any way, it is bogged down in red tape to discourage the citizen from even trying, except of course at exorbitant cost at each stage.

Another way of looking at the above is that we really are looking at a fascistic socialistic State where nothing is easy, nor should it be. I wish I had a pound for the number of times over the past week we’ve reached resolution, all is plain sailing and then I’ve been told, “Well actually, Mr. Higham, no, you can’t actually do that.” Why not? “Well you don’t have a Z786/34/5ez.” And how do I get one of those? “Well actually, that’s not under our authority but I can give you a phone number.”

And have you tried shifting house? So between the deeply sluggish ability to do anything in this country, together with the public life situations described in this post, is it any wonder people just depart and go somewhere else?

I ask, do we wish for a society operating this way?

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  1. Andrew Duffin
    February 14, 2013 at 4:16 pm

    “…pricing crap relatively cheaply and good food expensively…”

    Not sure about this bit. Last time I looked, fresh fruit and veg was a lot cheaper than MacDonalds or Subway or any of that muck.

    Not luxury stuff, of course, but good plain basic food that you buy, then take home and cook.

    The good stuff is cheaper.

    It’s convenience that’s being pushed, that and the fashion/advertising/celeb thing, as you say.

  2. AlexB
    February 14, 2013 at 4:46 pm

    Food bills went down when we started buying real food. Take a day out of your weekend to batch cook meals for the next week and you have more time in the evenings when you don’t feel up to cooking. Get the kids involved and turn it into a family day whilst teaching them a practical skill and keeping them out of trouble. Anyone can cook – my sister and I started by bunging things in a pan and keeping it on the hob till the food was cooked through, with the ocassional stir for anti-stickingness. Perfectly edible despite we didn’t know what we were doing. If all else fails, get a slow cooker: bung your food in when you leave the house in the morning, dinner ready for when you get back in the evening, and it doesn’t use much leccy.

    Fast food isn’t cheaper, it is just more convenient for those who can’t be arsed or think they don’t have time to cook. Really all it takes is a bit of advanced planning. And keeping it simple. Simple is good.

    As far as red tape is concerned, anyone who hasn’t seen Terry Gilliam’s Brazil, definitely should. James’s form problems could be lifted straight out of it.

  3. Greg Tingey
    February 14, 2013 at 9:39 pm

    Alex B
    The other magic word is … ALLOTMENT!

    However, a very worrying development has just disappeared – yes I said DISAPPEARED.

    First thing this morning, all over BBC radio4 “Today”, all over BBC main news on the web, mention on “Telegraph” (I’m told it was front-page on the “Mail”) … VANISHED.

    What has vanished?
    It can still can be found if you had previously looked for it – or pick up my link.
    But, looking at the web now, you woould never know it had happened.

    Someone, somewhere is pulling strings to try to gag this, & I don’t like it.
    Incidentally, the next issue of “Private Eye” might be worth aread.

  4. Greg Tingey
    February 15, 2013 at 8:56 am


    After the ridiculous publicity given to the O Pistorius fluff/murder/scare …
    The Beeb came back this morning [ Radio4 “Today” programme again ]
    with a mention early on( approx 07.10hrs), followed by 5-7 minutes @ 07.51(ish) interviewing, of all people Stephen Dorrell, who appears to have got off the fence, on to the side of Mr Walker (the whistleblower) – asking the Ministry (& directly, the Minister, Hunt!) to put a stop to the gagging & claiming that the trust’s actions were illegal.
    The lawyers for the Lincolnshire Health Trust, have also seem to have made the serious mistake if threatening the Beeb – whose response seems to be: “Come on if you think you’re hard enough!”

    Good stuff.

    Watch those spaces.

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