Yes, But, Errr, Is Anyone Doing Any Learning?

It’s no secret that Facebook distracts students. Being able to interact with your friends at the click of a button is not conducive to hard-core study. And thanks to Spotted pages – university-wide Facebook pages where members can post comments about people they see in the library– it’s not just students’ close friends who are interrupting their studies.

Naturally, to the progressives, this expression of ideas and opinions is the Next Big Diversity Headache:

Used mainly by those studying in university libraries, they’re meant to provide comic relief for procrastinating students. Inevitably, though, they have become a hotbed of sneering jibes and vicious gossip. For some, going to the library is now a paranoia-inducing experience.

Really? They should thank their lucky stars – things can always get worse!

As the number of angry students has grown, Stopped pages have appeared, protesting against their university Spotted pages.

Ahhh, students! Never happier than when they are studying… or something!

On a more positive end-note, though, it’s not all going downhill. The University of East Anglia may have got the ball rolling for a new trend: UEA Compliments is set up to “spread the joy” and give a “shout out” to anyone who makes your day brighter.

I wonder if anyone will suggest Dr Brett Mills for that honour? He certainly brightened up Longrider’s and Anna Raccoon’s day recently!

It’s nice to know they have all this time on their hands, isn’t it? I guess the courses just aren’t rigorous enough…

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  1. Greg Tingey
    February 14, 2013 at 10:21 am

    Just don’t go anywhere near arsebook – simples

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