After the furor, when we’re no longer watching, the whistleblower gets hit

This is being run on the grounds of simple logic. There are many people being hard done by out there and the 1200 or so killed off by the NHS are some of them.

But there are individuals among us, especially among our blogging fraternity, who are also doing it hard. What happens is that one of us whistleblows or comes out with something naughty done by the State or CP or whatever and it’s taken up by the sphere, everyone blogs on it and the State, CP or whatever remain silent, not cooperating in the least.

Then, when it’s all died down, when no one is interested any more, when the view is at best “a big yawn”, the State, CP or whatever moves in and gets quietly nasty, knowing the fickleness and 15 minutes attention span of many people.

That’s why I’m running Martin Brighton’s plaintiff letter below in its entirety because he stood up to Them and now he’s paying for it – quietly, behind the scenes, with no one really aware of it. Eccentric? A bit OTT?

Look, it takes a certain mentality to step outside the pen and do these things. Such people are not your usual compliant, all-for-a-quiet-life types. They are thorns in the side and bless ’em all, I say. That’s why these sorts of things must not be glossed over, not forgotten.

Here is the original post.


Caring Conservatism or Callous Cruelty?

Dear Decent People,

You will note that, regardless of the politicians of the day, and regardless of what is being exposed by whistleblowers, the response from ‘the establishment’ is always to immediately launch what can only be described as a state-sponsored terrorist attack upon the whistleblower.

The dirty tactics used against the decent citizens, their families and friends have been well recorded elsewhere.

Gagging is but one tactic, others include widespread dissemination that the whistleblower is a nutter, making false and serious accusations, cash-starvation, disempowerment, isolation, blatant abuse, and, perhaps the worst indictment of this UK government, a cynical imposition of a psychological torture upon their target.

If the suppression does not work, just watch the ‘authorities’ come out with cries of ‘shame’, blame-pointing that would shame Pontius Pilate, followed by calls for an inquiry, which concludes with ‘lessons learned’, ending, of course, with no change whatsoever.

The above introduction can be, and shall be, applied to forthcoming posts.

Here, you will see attached a sample of 25 letters sent to Ian Duncan Smith.

They are now ALL to be placed in the public domain.

Please note that Ian Duncan Smith did absolutely NOTHING.

Then, as now, Ian Duncan Smith was blundering.

The abuses against this citizen simply continued by Sheffield City Council.

Ian Duncan Smith did NOT represent ‘Caring Conservatism’, but CALLOUS CRUELTY.

The local police were compromised, dysfunctional, and actually assisted in the cover-ups.

Therefore, who better than the ex Chief Executive of Sheffield City Council to be the next chief of the civil service with direct Cabinet access at No 10 ? (More to the point, would anyone else be tolerated ?)
Meanwhile, the gagging goes on, not just within the NHS, but ubiquitously.

Even the BBC, who were and are duly informed of the state-sponsored corruption, have gagged themselves.

As for the abuses against this citizen, the one-sided open warfare remains ongoing, for over 15 years, and the council recently put a corporate block on my emails in a stupid and futile attempt at silencing me.
Please, make up your own minds.




Martin’s document is a RAR, which my computer won’t open, except in googledocs. Here is the link:

Those of you without access to Google might have another way to open it.


Here’s his opening letter:

Iain Duncan Smith, MP
House of Commons

10 December 2002

Dear Sir,

Please distribute these papers as you see fit. As always, no favour or service is sought, so there is no breach of parliamentary protocol. A reply is not necessary.

These papers show:

Continuing fraud and corruption relating to falsified crime statistics,
The part(s) played by the corrupt CEO and City Solicitor of SCC
The use of taxpayers’ money for personal political gain
Bullying and unlawful prejudice by the new labor leader.

Two statements:

The proposed Millennium Hotel in Sheffield is associated with a multimillion fraud of European funds. Any support must therefore be qualified, subject to there being no support for the associated corruption.
There is some rather disturbing material to follow.

Rhetorical question:

If a situation arises whereby the source of the Government-lead corruption is the same person that controls the Government organisations that would investigate and expose that corruption, what hope is there for Our Nation?

We have a Government that is dedicated to the destruction of Hope, Choice and Opportunity.

If there are any questions relating to this or any other material, please feel free to call.

Yours sincerely,

Martin Brighton


Here is an excerpt from the last communication:

From last communication


The first thing is that this is what we’re going on about on our blogs. Let’s be honest with ourselves here – we blog, we move on to the next topic, we’re largely unscathed. Someone like Martin Brighton puts his livelihood itself on the line in his fight with Sheffield City Council and gets treated this way.

OK, there’s not a lot we can do. Martin, for a start, might put his documents in a form people can access – it was difficult on my computer reformatting each one to view.

Then, if we blog, we might mention this, we might make a badge about it with a link to an all in one page with the issue. Martin might start a petition. He strikes me as a SCC fighter rather than a PR man.

Why am I mentioning all this? Because OoL is ostensibly about freedom. We are an outlet for whistleblowing. Therefore, it seems we need to get behind those who really do whistleblow, providing it’s a legit issue and after glancing through all the docs, it does seem legit.

This and the NHS Staffs deaths cannot be let go. Thoughts?

5 comments for “After the furor, when we’re no longer watching, the whistleblower gets hit

  1. mona
    February 21, 2013 at 9:01 am

    The bitter harvest of Common Purpose infestation at NHS Staffs is death, like everywhere in Britain this ideology is souless and without morality, North Korean in its attitude to suffering, Please keep returning to this monster in our midst, dont turn your back on it.

  2. Uncle Nick
    February 21, 2013 at 10:27 am , there’s a downloads link on the left hand column.

    RAR is a commonly used (if a little outre) compression/archiving format. If you’ve been on the warez scene at all, you’ll probably be familiar with it 😉

    Unfortunately Mr Brighton’s “Eccentric? A bit OTT?” stance is just that, and brings my mind immediately to the full blown mental insanity of . It’s very difficult to take someone seriously when they immediately jump past “there’s a couple of twats in the council who don’t like me because I ratted them out” to “perhaps the worst indictment of this UK government, a cynical imposition of a psychological torture upon their target”.

    • February 21, 2013 at 4:42 pm

      That needs substantiation in itself, Uncle Nick. The previous post had much backup and the correspondence in this s there to see.

      Please point us to the documents which show MB not to have experienced this.

  3. wiggiatlarge
    February 21, 2013 at 3:10 pm

    Good to see “our” Dave backing the ex CEO to the hilt, seems to think that having worked with him ‘he was amazing’ so just a few of the lesser lights might just might be found out.
    This one because it is symptomatic of other trusts as well should never be allowed to become yesterdays news, is no one in the public service ever responsible for anything.

  4. Greg Tingey
    February 22, 2013 at 9:13 am

    PLEASE, evryone …
    go out & buy THIS WEEK’S copy of “Private Eye”
    They have a 4-page special on the hospital scandals & the cover-ups & the guilty parties.
    AND they fist published some of this material, including stuff on the Lincolnshore affair, back in 2011 ….
    Which means that the leag bullying & threats are empty, since (thanks to the Eye) it has all been “public domain” for over a year & a half. Delay defeats equity.

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