The smugly cynical and out of touch Mr. Yeo

What is the process in an MP’s mind whereby he announces carbon targets which will cripple the ordinary person in the UK and he does it in a happy, positive frame of mind?

How does he manage to not hear anything the people are saying in, say, the Mail article but not only there – in other publications too and certainly in the blogosphere?

It’s laid out quite clearly in people’s comments up and down the country – take your pick of comments:

The UK ‘green’ subject must be independently investigated in terms of effectiveness, affordability and a UK/world perspective, remembering those UK millions who can only sit in the cold. Meanwhile, recent news items: a booming Indonesian car industry and sales, with the roads absolutely clogged with traffic (as shown in the film); world tourist numbers forecast for China in 2020 are 100 million (*million*) due to rising economic prosperity. Think of all those flights, ships and car-journeys. There will be other relevant stories around the world, involving the 6,941,000,000 people living outside the UK. Just how is making UK energy unaffordable to the less well-off, working, unemployed or ill in the UK, considered the ‘right’ thing to do? Only those not affected can have such opinions in the light of research, world statistics, the miniscule UK population and CO2 contribution. Politics may insist we must “do our bit”, but surely not by leaving people in the cold all their lives?


26,000 UK citizens dying of cold related problems this winter. What does this so called caring government do about it, that’s right they just ignore it and slap more taxes on fuel, hidden under the guise of a green tax. Meantime politicians continue to rake in thousands of pounds for themselves acting on behalf of these so called green companies. What a scandal, living on the fat of the land while the old, poor and infirm die in their thousands.

The only way Cameron could be viewing this is that he is mid-term and his minders cynically remind him the British voter is an idiot and simply puts in one of the Big 3 come election time anyway, no matter what has been done to him in the interim.

Meanwhile, Nigel should be scourging the country up and down, telling Yeo, Cameron and all of them exactly what the UK thinks of them but is he doing that? No, he’s playing the same numbers game the Big 3 are, going soft in Eastleigh in the hope that his huge support will arrive next year.

It ain’t gonna arrive if he shows no spine, if he’s afraid of doing a Beppo but in an alternative government sort of way. Will someone in the UK please stand up and show a bit of spine – tell these bstds where they get off. We all have energy bills due soon – I shudder to think what it will be in my case. I don’t think I’ll be able to pay it.

Cameron must deal with the energy companies but he can’t do that if he’s in thrall to them. It really will come down to demonstrations on the streets of London or wherever Cameron is found.

At my place, Wiggia says:

After all the recent exposure of this cretin he is now about to move this amendment, and still not a murmur from Cameron or anyone else about what is a blatant conflict of interest, this is now becoming bloody ridiculous.

So not only are we to be bullied by the prefect but it is to be done in a criminal manner.

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  1. Edward.
    February 27, 2013 at 6:47 pm

    As Centrica/British Gas is making a fortune on higher gas prices, one looks across to the continent where more alert countries have storage for 120 days natural gas – and are not subject to price hike fluctuations. Ha Ha Ha – we got rid of our storage capacity long ago.
    Meanwhile, we’re still a major gas producer [and trillions more underground – on LAND FFS] but we cannot take advantage of this whatsoever.
    Ha ha ha, it gets ‘better’ – then we have a Department of Energy and one of it’s main duties – is security of supply – clearly the government has been wanting, awol, gone completely stark staring bonkers.
    There is no excuse………oh wait – in 1988 Hansen told us the world was stewing and that we were to blame and the myth started to gather pace………

    That most egregious trougher Yeo, excels at his double role a two faced nuct – Red Tories are part of the problem not the solution, all of them; Miliband, Clegg and Dave’s lot need to told – enough is enough.
    Blackouts, will concentrate the minds of the enlightened who always vote Labour, it may wake them up if they can’t watch Corrie,Enders – PC TV ala the BBC.
    But – will this or any UK government ever get it – until they are threatened with insurrection?

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