The CINO Party in heavy denial

Last one on the topic – I had some of the best quotes left over:

Sigh. I’ve just been over at Conservative Home to see if they’ve taken the thrust of this result onboard or if they’re in denial.

They’re in denial. John Redwood says:

Eastleigh proves yet again that Europhile parties are elected when the Eurosceptic vote is divided.

And whose fault is that? Here’s a comment from one of the dailies:

# The Tories have no one to blame but themselves, certainly not the UKIP voters. The party should reflect the expectations and requirements of its voters in its policies, not expect to dictate terms to them, and be supported slavishly by obedient sheep.

Quite right. Mr. Redwood needs to understand that the reason so many have left the party, the reason so many have no intention for ever voting for Cameron’s direction is that it is a combination of the most vicious aspects of Toryism with rampant leftism and none of the good. People who are actually conservative don’t want it.

They want a conservative party to be conservative. How long does it take the Tories in the good half of the party to wake up to the fact that their party has been hijacked by leftists?

And things are changing in the country – another commenter:

# I find that the left wing trade union and social coalition polled less than the other looney parties, this gives me great heart!

And then we get to the personal factor Nigel Farage referred to with the bully boy:

# Do you see what happens Mr Cameron when you show what an utter coward you are and how you have such contempt for the wishes of the people of the United Kingdom and put off our overdue right to choose our OWN destiny, via that EU vote! You had your chance, you muffed it!

And as Man in a Shed said, do not discount the great damage done by the anti-family policies of Cameron:

# The Conservatives should kick that waste of space and anti-marriage Cameron out of the Party along with all those who voted against marriage and morality. Mr Farage has shown that he can be trusted, unlike Cameron, and the true blue Conservatives should align themselves with UKIP in one party.

When will the party get the message that they haven’t just lost the Eurosceptic wing – they’ve lost middle England. Presumably Cameron’s half of the party will join with the Lib Dems and Labour to form a super-politically-correct party, whilst the nation is moving the other way.

4 comments for “The CINO Party in heavy denial

  1. Mike Spilligan
    March 1, 2013 at 10:12 pm

    A good summary of where we are now, but the MSM will not report it like that and I doubt the Tory Party can do anything now. Any change of direction or minor concessions will only increase the distrust of the Party and its leaders; particularly Cameron.

  2. Woman on a Raft
    March 3, 2013 at 12:49 am

    The Usual Caveats (Daily Mail) is running a claim that the government is going to walk out of the ECHR. A surprise because while that court was once advisory rather than binding, it changed under the Lisbon Treaty.

    I don’t think they can do it and that this is just posturing to try to get back in to favour with their core vote. Maybe I’m mistaken.

    • March 4, 2013 at 6:51 am

      They have no spine to do it anyway and I’d say you’re right – they know they can’t. At least they can by unilaterally declaring such but do they show any sign of cojones at all?

  3. Greg Tingey
    March 3, 2013 at 8:59 am

    The problem with the EHCR isn’t the EHCR – it is the LOCAL INTERPRETATION ( by “activist” judges & lawyers ) that is being put on it.
    Now, how to fix that is a real problem.
    Meanwhile, you can STILL have your life ruined by a false accusation arrest etc – you are found “Innocent” afterwards, but it’s too late then.
    And, how does one fix THAT problem, hmm?
    After all, & elsewhere, the French & Germans aren’t seeming to be having the same problems, do they?

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