You’re kidding yourself, Cameron

This is meant to be read following QM’s The right and what’s right.

Stop dithering and cut taxes: Top Tories demand ‘change in direction’ as alarm grows over Cameron’s faltering fightback

There comes a time when even the most ardent conservative says: “Enough.” It doesn’t even matter about “stopping dithering” or a “changing direction”. These things done under duress are meaningless.

The game is already lost because the hearts and minds are lost.

The leftists look on with barely concealed glee, the word “chortle” springs to mind. Another thing which springs to mind is the role Cameron is playing. In fact, he’s being quite loyal and true to his masters who are the EU among others, with the trail leading back to the global socialist/bankster old money and his chum Blair.

If you don’t like those labels, you still know of whom we speak and we can name them, from Dymon, Tucker and Gore to Trichet, Davignon, Sutherland and then the really old families in Bavaria, Italy, London, Paris and Scotland. If you wait outside Tavistock Chatham House long enough, you’d maybe not even then see them go inside. The bunnies like Cameron don’t cover their backs but these people do. Do you know the name of the director of the BIS?

Back to daily reality and no one trusts Cameron. Even if he does the right thing and cuts taxes to spur productivity, you’d always be wondering when he’d take it away again to suit political expediency. You’d wonder that about Duncan-Smith and Gove. That whole headline above is for inconstant people who seem to think that what you did yesterday is going to be forgotten today.

This is not going to sway the middle – it’s a bunfight on the right and yet counter to that view is the vote in Eastleigh, which on the campaign UKIP ran, indicates it’s not just us calling: “Enough.” There is a principle of pay-your-debts, do right by people, real conservativism, the view the majority of people out there in the middle subscribe to, vaguely subscribing to family, the nation’s heritage [without going on about it every day] and so on – normal, middle-class living and that includes the aspirations of many working people too.

Just as many live day to day. And this lost in Westminster haven’t a clue about that.

At the same time, the Labour vote says everything. It contained few of the “tribals” whom you find more up this way and I was listening to one yesterday saying, without a trace of tongue in cheek, that Labour cares for the working man. Unbelievable. What they did to this country was beyond belief and still he says this.

Oh well, it was Blair and Brown, he said [and even then he vilified Blair less than Brown]. Nu-Labour was not Labour, he said, they got into bed with the capitalists.

There are actually people who still believe those two were not socialist in the sense of federalist, in the sense of a central authority, e.g. Brussels, then a chain of command radiating out, masquerading as “local autonomy and decision making” under the guidance of Common Purpose. He didn’t understand the term “champagne socialist”, much less the concept of Them, except as in “they should do this …”

Edward Spalton and others showed clearly the chain of command in the EU, from the Club of Rome and Maastricht onwards. Yet this man yesterday vilified Heath and Thatcher [two ideologically opposed entities] but exonerated Wilson, as in, “Well, at least Harold Wilson protected the pound.”

What can one do about minds like this? Seriously. And the great shibboleth which no conservative dares speak – that Maggie had a lot to answer for, e.g. the greed and change of Britain from producers to the useless service industry which creates nothing – this man is full of that and he’s not wrong in that but nor does he look at Wilson, Kinnock and the later wreckers. He looks at one half of the true picture.

Mixed in there are some genuine people on both sides who do still think they’re not there to screw the common man and woman. Carswell’s an interesting mix – does right on some things but not on others. Bill Cash. Can’t think of any on the Labour side but there’d have to be because some voted against on critical recent issues.

This thing about “a vote for UKIP is a vote for Labour” – no it isn’t. A vote for UKIP is a vote for splitting it all open so that Cameron is finally pushed and then real conservatives can either join the push to address the huge issues, with many already brainwashed out there by the PC narrative or stick to the now discredited Tory Party, two parties in one. What middle England wants is pretty clear and it’s not what Cameron was claiming he represented.

The only libertarian guarantee anyone of us is going to get is in a climate of free enterprise, at least a climate where tax is drastically cut, plus local council powers over local businesses vastly reduced, where people think they might have a try buying and selling something, where quangos are disbanded and the money conduit to the fat cat bureaucrats is stopped and where a job means more than part time on minimum wage, to be thrown off at the end of three months and back onto the dole.

And a prerequisite for all of that is to get out of the EU and renegotiate terms with individual nations. And I’m not even sure of a referendum any more – we should just unilaterally leave once Cameron is booted out and one of his cronies does not get in.

Just a few thoughts on Monday morning.

5 comments for “You’re kidding yourself, Cameron

  1. James Strong
    March 4, 2013 at 7:03 am

    Like you I think a prerequisite for all that needs doing is to get out of the EU.
    But I don’t think it should be done unilaterally because I think it needs to be done with the consent of the voters.
    There are two ways of getting that: a UKIP win in a General Election or an ‘Out’ vote in an in/out referendum.

  2. Greg Tingey
    March 4, 2013 at 8:36 am

    If the vote-count for Eastliegh is correct, quite a few “Labour” voters, voted, err UKIP, didn’t thay?
    I note Camoron is still going on about a “lurch to the right” – yet in my estimation, UKIP are NOT (mostly) to the right of the tories, they are off at right-angles in the direction of libertarianism. [Excepting their stance on religion, which deeply unsettles me]

    One of the faults of many on this blog is the oft-repeated WRONG assumption that “libertarian” means “right”. IT DOES NOT.
    For reference, Prince Pyotr Kropotkin, for a start!
    Hence your comment that the trad Laobour voter had half the correct picture, or your statement about the madwoman from Grantham, that so many still won’t admit to.

    One has to remember, that in 1973-5, it was lLabour that was horrendously split on “Europe” & the LEFT wanted not in at any price, whils the tories, by & large couls only see bog piles of money-signs for being “in”.
    It’s a well to remember these things….

    • March 4, 2013 at 8:41 am

      You’re quite right … er. correct … Greg in saying that libertarian does not have to mean “right”. Except that when it comes to being applied to the economy/society, it approaches classical liberalism which is as near as dammit to libertarianism not of the “do as thou wilt” type.

      It’s a thing that’s “thereabouts”. People who don’t like to think of themselves as “right” may well be so in the policies they support.

      That’s why much of the Old Labour is quite pro-nation and patriotism and the need for industry and jobs, rather than for ideological communism the Labour Party is about, which is, by definition, treasonous to the nation.

  3. Mike Spilligan
    March 4, 2013 at 11:52 am

    An excellent post, James. In one of the post-Eastleigh interviews, Nigel stated (though I don’t know his source) that many UKIP votes came from people who had not bothered to vote for a decade or more. That really is good news, and all the while the 2.5 parties have been worried about falling participation – and didn’t know why!

  4. Furor Teutonicus
    March 5, 2013 at 4:12 pm

    XX That whole headline above is for inconstant people who seem to think that what you did yesterday is going to be forgotten today.XX

    And the politician bastards know that that is EXACTLY how 90% of the scum bag fuckwit electorate DO “function”.

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