The United Kingdom and Commonwealth women and gay rights charter

Via Ken Craggs:

The charter marks the first time that all 54 Commonwealth countries have adopted a single document. (Charter was apparently signed yesterday)

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Criticised By Campaigners

Commonwealth counteries include, Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, South Africa, The most populous Commonwealth country is India, with nearly 1.1 billion people. David Cameron launched the ‘Common Purpose’ Dishaa project in India

In future, what other kind of legislation will the 54 commonwealth countries be signing enmasse? Do you know of any opposition to this charter from any of our political parties?

And while we’re there:

The Queen did not attend the Commonwealth Observance at Westminster Abbey. The Duke of Edinburgh did attend.

For first time in 64 year history the Commonwealth will have a formal Charter setting out core values.

30% of the world’s population (2.1 billion people) across 54 countries live in the Commonwealth

Watch The Queen sign the Commonwealth Charter

Tweet from @CSCLeaders dated 1st March 2013


My comment:

No one I know has anything personal against the average gay and/or woman per se – they have their life, we have ours, in the same way that most accept that the climate is changing all the time and that it is necessary to look after our environment, not litter etc.

Most people, as far as I can see, have no issues with that.

However, nothing in this charter really has anything to do with that. It is PC power madness and that’s all it is. And possibly as they intended to happen, many of us react very badly to being forced into things in this cavalier manner, so we tend to go to the opposite extreme. I’ve become far more reactionary since these horses’ backsides have been doing these things than I would ever have become in the normal course of life.

This charter is the beginning of the end for gay and/or women’s rights.

I give notice that I shall do nothing whatever to support this charter, do not feel bound by it and will take all legal opportunities to stymie it. I’m sorry for gays and women but this is what your champions have caused to happen. They know where they can stick it.

And from haiku: