Eccentricity and the enemy

Running this one under my own name and quoting as there are comments to make on itafterwards.     First, here is the text:


Could the press ‘Royal Charter’ become applicable to all 54 commonwealth countries? The Queen has recently signed a ‘Royal (Commonwealth) Charter’ that resulted in all 54 commonwealth countries adopting a single document for the first time.

‘Politics home’ tweeted a comment today attributed to Evan Harris regarding press regulation  “The Royal Charter agreed today was the Royal Charter proposed by Labour and the Lib Dems and preferred by Hacked Off”

On Saturday 16 March 2013, 100 ‘Common Purpose CSC leaders’ met for the first time in London and today is day three of their commonwealth meeting. ‘ CSC leaders’ connects ‘Common Purpose’ to the ‘British Monarchy ‘.

A tweet from ‘hacked off’ states that, “Leveson did not recommend Charter, & we feel that Charter is second best. But this Charter does deliver Leveson’s recommendations.”

Cameron, Clegg, Miliband, and the ”hacked off’ lobbyists are all members of ‘Common Purpose’.


At the same time, digressing, Ian PJ has sent:

It would appear that the imploding rule of law and currency weakness in Europe has done nothing but increase the value of a ‘haircut-proof’ digital currency. Since we first saw the ECB ‘bash’ Bitcoin in November of last year, when the central bank “stooped” so low as having to issue a 55-page pamphlet warning readers against “virtual currency schemes”, the value of the digital currency has risen from EUR10 to record highs around EUR37 currently.  [Source: Bitcoin charts]


Meanwhile, back to Common Purpose and Martin Brighton has sent:

Dear ICO,

Please refer to CMS+FoI+CP.docx

On 2 December 2012 I made a request for information concerning the relationship of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport ( CMS ) with the organisation Common Purpose within the context of the Leveson Report.

In that letter I also referenced a link between the senior CMS director, Maria Miller, and the organisation Common Purpose.

For the benefit of this letter, one such link is given here:

Common Purpose Frontrunner — Getting ‘ahead of the curve’.pdf

To be more helpful, I referred to:

Declaration of Membership of a Secret Organisation.doc

This proscribes where Civil Servants SHALL make a Declaration of Membership.

As defined by the Civil Service Code, association with the organisation Common Purpose is mandatory.

Please note also that I requested that Maria Miller be copied in to the request.

On 4 January 2013 CMS replied with an ‘Information not held’ statement.

On 4 January 2013 I requested a review.

In that request I clearly stated why the original CMS reply was defective, if not unlawful.

On 11 March 2013, I received the CMS review notice:

CMS 222100 FoI Internal Review.docx

The date of the review shows that the CMS has taken far too long to reply. The ICO recommends that the whole FoI process, from initial request to review, should not take longer than 40 days.

Therefore, the CMS has been unduly tardy in its replies.

More importantly is the lack of content of both the original reply and the review.

Given that I had referred the CMS to a web site that referenced the association of Maria Miller with the organisation Common Purpose, it has been clearly demonstrated that CMS INTENDED to flout Section 77 of the FoIA.

I also attach a media example, from hundreds:

Maria Miller+Leverson+Common Purpose.docx

It will be for yourselves to use Google: “Hacked off”+”Common Purpose”

Likewise, there are hundreds of media examples of

“Common Purpose”+Leverson.

This deals with question 1 of my request of 2 December 2012.

Question 2 asks for information via the device of asking for a guarantee, it wrongly having been assumed that there would be a truthful answer to question 1.

However, question 1 has not been answered truthfully.

Whilst it is acknowledged that question 2 could be construed, in isolation, as being outside of the scope of FoI, there would have been much information provided to demonstrate ( i.e. the information required to show that there was no CMS input ) that the guarantee held.

Whether or not the ICO takes this question in isolation, or in its proper context, the answer to question 1 ‘sets the scene’ in terms of the credibility of CMS.

Question 3 also asks for information to demonstrate that CMS personnel associated with Common Purpose had no input to the drafting of possible legislation following the Leverson inquiry.

CMS denied any association, despite being given the evidence of association of Maria Miller.

Again, the credibility of CMS is blown.

In answer to question 4, CMS has neither confirmed nor denied having the information requested, other than the now disregarded blanket denial.

I therefore request that the ICO process this complaint, whilst preparing a prosecution under Section 77 of the Freedom of Information Act.

Yours sincerely,

Martin Brighton



Common Purpose Frontrunner — Getting ‘ahead of the curve’.pdf

CMS 222100 FoI Internal Review.docx

Maria Miller+Leverson+Common Purpose.docx


Declaration of Membership of a Secret Organisation.doc


Just a note that I have copies of those documents, not on my home computer but in the Cloud. [JH]


Now, people look at Ken Craggs and Martin Brighton and even Ian Parker-Joseph and have certain opinions, even about me.   What I say is that it is the peculiarly British Martin Brightons of the world who are the terriers who do not let go of the leg and it is these people who protect our freedoms as they keep on and on and on and expose everything, through their marginalization by others and the personal attacks on them, e.g. Martin Brighton is in it for himself, I read [LOL] or they’re just so tedious or whatever.

But they do it in such fine detail that the Enemy knows most people have the attention span of a Ken Livingstone newt and are easily bored, disillusioned or dissuaded.    Some, like me, insult everyone and p*** them off.   Therefore the message is blunted somewhat and people tend to shy away after that.

Sure you’re not going to be interested in this Maria Miller but I’m sure going to be watching out for her and when she appears in a different context, then it might be worth exploring and exposing.

Eccentric?  Why not?   Hell, I wear that as a badge of honour.   George Bernard Shaw wrote, in Man and Superman, 1903:

 The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself.  Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man. 

Typical Shaw to get it a***-end-around.    The “unreasonable” men and women are merely failing to conform to the new “progress” which is anything but progress and we wish to stick with the tried and true which always worked.   So the conservative, in the sense of wishing to retain old liberties and ways of life, not as political conservatives per se but as people who saw something working and reasoned “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, ends up being the radical when the new progress becomes the new orthodoxy.

That’s what these men above are but there are others – the inventors and builders – who are also unreasonable when told “it will never work” or “you can’t do that, it’s not allowed”.

Best of luck to all Striders and boundary riders. I feel more secure for you being around and not incarcerated in some Lockholes somewhere. Though it’s just a matter of time.