A modest proposal to ship the lot of them to a large island

Let me present this by danoconnor untouched. I’ve corrected most of the typos and grammatical errors and the idea is clear enough.

He is impassioned. You’ll notice he is saying roughly the same thing I have been, which so many pundits have been saying. He gets a bit apoplectic but you can’t doubt his sincerity. He and many of you and I am SICK OF IT, sick and tired of the globalists and their leftist apologists, of their throwing around of labels with abandon and their buzzwords, of their effing narrative and then the glib accusations that we are the ones doing the wrong!

I’d like you to see this to know it’s not just me and fellow bloggers. I don’t know Dan, I’m not sure I’ve read him before but what he says is so uncannily something I’d say, so like other comments I’ve read around the sphere.

Yesterday, at my place, a member of the left said he didn’t like the commenters at my place, what they were saying. Truth is tough to take, is it not? Rather than put up a counter-argument, he departed.

Take it away, Dan:


The word “racist” is one of the well orchestrated and funded ideological / cultural terror weapons used by the global financiers/corporatists and the radical Left, the purpose of which is targetted at Whites as an identity group ONLY in order to keep any uppity Whites who might think of objecting to their economic, cultural, ethnic, racial, territorial balkanisation and dispossession in their rightful place.

All non-white nations have the right to remain ethnically/ racially and demographically as they are and to defend their borders, their cultures and way of life . This is not considered controversial.

“Racist” is used to make whites ONLY vote, behave and believe in a certain way.

Ancestral/ethnic/racial loyalties and group solidarity among all non-whites is seen as a healthy and natural reaction.

The same reaction when exhibited by any Whites (8 % of the earths population , and rabidly heading towards demographic birth rate crises) is being portrayed by Western establishments as a sign of stupidity, and a kind of psychological abnormality afflicting white people ONLY who do not belong in civilized company.

For the globalists/industrialists/bankers, Fortune 500 copororations, George Soros Open Society, Common Purpose, Ford Foundation, Carnegie Foundation, AIPAC, OIC, social engineering change agents — nationalism (self-determination and local democracy ) is seen as a major obstacle to their global politics and power and to the establishement of a borderless, cultureless, idenitity-less standardised, compliant and submissive global shopping mall consumer society where human units and capital can be quickly transferred from one place to another at the press of a button without any resistance.

The Gods of the Market Place still rule.

All Western labour intensitive industrial production should be transfered to cheap labour countries to keep production costs down, and Western nations replaced with compliant third world cheap labour to keep costs down. It pursues a purely practical course geared to the lowest order of existence.

The reason that these powerful forces, corporate foundations, bankers, industrialists who also just about own everything including much of the media donate and fund scores of Left/Liberal radical mass-immigration (anti-White ) causes is because temporarily it suits their present Military/Industrial/Finance Complex agenda.

The Western white middle class left liberal progressives and the anti-racist (Anti-White ) industry provides the moral justification, perpetuates the White historical sin/guilt/ shame Wordism racket to passify Whites who object to their demographic destruction and the mid lower level court priesthood in Western academia, media and goverment to persecute and silence any whites into submission and passivity.

The Global Corporatism functions only partly as a machievellian conspiracy and more like an organism that needs to insatiate its insatiable greed for economic growth and for power and to prevent itself being at the mercy of free market forces. It is a beast, a leviathan, propelled blindly ahead and self-perpetuated by the force of its own momentum. It has no higher frame of values than pop-culture consumerism and material aquisitions.

We now have in Western society a white middle class 1% with disproportionately, in comparison to their numbers in the population, far too much clout and are well entrenched in media , academia and goverment, who have very effectively mangaged to silence dissent from the prevaling orthodoxies and who are the only identity group in human history who believe it is moral to make themselves and the other 99 % who have not been asked, territorially, culturally, politically, ecnomomically, ethnically, racially —- weaker and onward to becoming an ever dwindling and dispossessed minority group in their own homelands.

The only people ever to exist on earth who think that ethnic, racial, civilizational loyalty and solidarity is immoral and “racist ” or that they even exist as an identity group with anything that binds them as an identity group, or that they have “interests” to protect and defend.

I cannot find any other plausible explanation for this display of collective clinical insanity, than the explanation that several decades ago, a kind of self-replicating self-destructive baccilli has been inserted into the body politic of Western academia, a “down with us” cult whose aim was to hollow out and eat alive from within Western society and disarm the natural and hard wired bombs of identity, of solidarity, of blood and heritage, the essence of our being as a unique and distinct people, a race and a civilization.

These very same natural and crucial instincts of group preservation that have been the factory default setting of all of humanity for tens of thousands of years and the other 92 % of the world’s population have no intention whatsoever of reciprocating by abandoning theirs.

I have come to despise the pop-intellectuals and their pop-religion with such utter livid contempt and the adolescent hippy emotionalised wordisms and fashion fad, radical, kitsch paradigms they have enslaved themselves to and pay unquestioning homage to.

The cringing fear and horror they have of living their lives to the full and as human beings, to speak their mind without looking over their shoulder for social approval, or for fear of causing offense and calling a spade a Goddamned “spade”,just for once in their bland conformist lives – I find it difficult to find the right words to describe the level of outrage and disgust I feel towards them.

They can afford to indulge their contempt for western civilization and our ancient heritage , our achievements , our mythologies, our legends, our heroes and our glories because it costs nothing, no personal sacrifice.

It is the cheapest form of psychotic moral narccisism and vanity trumpeting.

The ego-glow white middle class kitsch — “I love all humanity and feel more guilty than you do” HYPE and nothing else competition.

Every increasing level of neurotic white ethno-masoschism to insatiate their insatiable bottomless pit greed for unimpeachable sainthood or bust moral supremacy.

A nauseating, vomit inducing, worship of the foreigner, the “Other” as being intrinsically more virtuous, innocent, oppressed, noble and good on account of nothing more than their “Otherness”.

A sickening form of inverse racism.

A generation of quarter educated, useful idiot, gullible, impressionable, puffed up, pretentious, self-anointed army of the angels, effeminised, mental weaklings.

The desperate need for approval, to be liked.

One big phoney global compassion mutual admiration society.


Yep. It’s this horror of supporting their own nation which really gets me, the quick readiness to let something like the EU take over and consume it, reconstitute it into some mediocritized top-down superstate which really galls. Have none of them any patriotic bones in their bodies? Not even one?

And their reaction to the apoplexy on our part? A smirk and an accusation of racism/sexism/whatever ism it happens to be.

OK, here’s my proposal. They don’t want to live in an England or UK which is built on its traditions? Fine, I suggest our new government, once Cameron and the other traitors are booted out or incarcerated, buys one of Canada’s islands up north and the whole lot of these unpatriotic people can be shipped there to take their chances in the wild. They can build wind farms for energy.

That will reduce the population back home immediately and with no leftist/Statist prevention of free enterprise any more, with no huge bureaucracies, quangoes, over-regulation, over-taxation or false charities soaking up the billions any more, the nation can breathe again and start to flourish, start to be proud of itself again.

H/T Wiggia

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  1. Johnnydub
    March 20, 2013 at 1:04 pm

    This is absolutely spot on…

  2. john in cheshire
    March 20, 2013 at 2:33 pm

    James, rather than inflict these creatures on Canada, which has more than enough of its own to contend with, all socialists and all muslims should be exported to muslim countries. After all, it’s they who preach that immigration is a wonderful thing. So, what’s not to like-it’s win-win all round.

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