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Our thanks to Peter in the UK for this.

The attached is a good compendium, but it ignores perhaps the most important hindrances to growth, which are political and not economic, such as the insistence on green energy  solutions.

Germany, for example, is increasingly turning to inefficient and pricy ‘green’ energy and will eventually phase out all its nuclear power plants.

Remember that ‘green jobs’ under Zapatero was one of the main factors in Spain’s decline. At one point, the government contracted with the King Carlos University to find out how well his green jobs program was doing. The research team reported back that the green jobs cost the government 800,000 dollars (some sources say ‘euros’) each and for each green job gained, 2.2 other jobs were lost:

Now, the EU has plans for exporting the exorbitantly expensive solar and wind power from Greece. And who is pushing this potential boondoggle? None other than Wolfgang Schäuble, the German Finance Minister who advocated for the confiscation of money in Cyprus!

Is it any wonder that the poor south is increasingly suspicious of the wealthy north?

Don Hank

These people are not our friends.