And so it comes to pass …

From Amfortas:

That most common phrase in the Bible, itself full of arab shepherd magnates prophesying this and that. “And it came to pass that….”.

The prediction bizzo continues but like the ‘clutter’ on the British radar used in Hawaii as the Pearl Harbour attack was in full swing, no-one believed what was being seen on the screen. The Japs then were as thankful as the European elites today that no-one took any notice and simply discounted the signs. (Limey radar. Hah !) The Japs exacted a huge price. The elites are busy bombing the banks and parliaments and peoples now despite all the casino online signs so clearly enunciated. This time it was the Dutch who rang the alarms.

Dead bodies on the shores of Hawaii: dead bodies on the streets Europe. Voices silenced.

It was an interesting observation that ‘conspiracy’ is not the right word to use. More like ‘a culture’ of rent seeking and embezzlement.

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