Another black mark on Leveson

The politicians of this country, mainly Labour, but the Coagulation have done little to stop it either, invited in mass uncontrolled immigration. They constantly bleat on about the hordes coming in from Romania and Bulgaria (soon) as well as wringing their hands over the Poles and Balts who came over first. Yet that immigration wasn’t the concern of the ordinary people of the UK, oh sure some didn’t like them taking on the poorly paid jobs and thought we’d be better off if they hadn’t come, but by and large they integrated to a certain extent and many have settled here because our cultures were remarkably similar. What really concerned the ordinary people was the mass uncontrolled immigration of islamics from various countries who had nothing in common with our culture, were divisive in communities, demanded (and got) the right to stay apart and then increased their demands to where they want us to adapt to them and not criticise them, their religion or their barbaric practices in any way shape or form. The have tried to blow us up, poison us, insult our dead, insult our troops and groomed our underage girls and yet expect us to keep silent about it, aided and abetted by the left wing morons infesting the corridors of power in this country along with a few deluded politicians who seek power rather than do what’s right.

Daily Star.

A TERRORIST convicted of plotting to blow up the London Stock Exchange has been “quietly” released from jail after his sentence was cut on appeal.
Mohibur Rahman’s five-year term for having al-Qaida magazines featuring bomb-making instructions – handed down in February 2012 – was reduced to four and a half years by judges.
Rahman was part of a nine-strong gang who also plotted to target Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the London Eye in a “Mumbai-style” bomb blitz.
The Islamic radical, 28, was released just one year after admitting possessing an article for a terrorist purpose. He also got credit for being on remand since December 2010.
The Stoke-based plotter is now out on licence.
But reports from a court hearing last May revealed Rahman once told another extremist through a pipe connecting their cells: “When you get released you will be on licence. When you finish your licence you can carry on your work.”
We can reveal the terror cheerleader’s term was slashed by Lord Justice Leveson – the judge who presided over an inquiry into Press standards – at an appeal court hearing at Woolwich Crown Court earlier this month.

Even when we lock them up our judiciary release them back into society quietly and secretly where they can begin their activities again rather than drop them off from 10,000 feet above their ‘beloved’ islamic shitholes.

We do know that if Leveson had his way we wouldn’t even hear about such cases, it would be deemed as not in the public interest. Yet the problems continue to grow and the trials continue. The percentage of islamics in the UK prison system stands at something like 12% yet the supposed islamic population of the UK is about 5%. That ought to have alarm bells ringing somewhere in the seat of power, but it doesn’t appear too. The politicians are still wandering down the path of appeasement rather than actually dealing with the problems.

Mass uncontrolled immigration was a disaster for this country to be sure, but it wasn’t the mass uncontrolled immigration of the Poles and Balts, it won’t be the immigration of Romanians and Bulgarians either, yes there will be problems, but they pale into insignificance of not closing our borders to islamic immigration and expulsion of any group who cause problems, born here or not. If they love islam so much, they can go and live in a country that practices it and see how they like it then.

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  1. James Strong
    April 28, 2013 at 11:15 am

    The problem is not immigration; the problem is Islam.
    We should stop all muslim immigration now.
    No families coming over either. You might have a right to a family life but you don’t have a right to a family life over here; have it over there.

    Then, after stopping all muslim immigration what do we do with the muslims already here?
    Give them no concessions at all. If they are British they should get treated exactly the same as all other British people. No special treatment and no blind eye turned to their violence or exhortation of violence. None.

  2. john in cheshire
    April 28, 2013 at 11:37 am

    QM, James, nothing to disagree with in what you write. I think the bulgarians and romanians will be a problem because the impression I get about them is they are of criminal intent and dangerous. I wouldn’t want to live amongst them. As for muslims who live here in England, I don’t think the problem will be solved until they are expelled. The Kenyans and the Ugandans got rid of theirs, so why can’t we. Unfortunately, a large proportion of the troublesome ‘Asians’ from those two countries made their way here (yasmin alibhi-brown springs to mind) and they’re still ingrates.

    • April 28, 2013 at 1:25 pm

      Hmmm – gave me the seeds of a post.

  3. Verily
    April 29, 2013 at 10:41 am

    The other day I saw a small girl heading for indoctrination lessons at her local mosque, complete in full black burqa. I do accept that children like to play dress up, but she was being shephered by a clutch of black hijab-wearign females who, for reasons their religion can explain better than I, were allowed to have their faces uncovered.

    This followed seeing a woman, in full burqa, driving in the same area. I am not sure she was fully in control of her car, but it is becoming an increasing sight in this country.

    Near me is a huge mosque, no doubt built with Saudi oil money grants, dominating the skyline. I admit it makes me feel sick to see its green domes and the moon and star symbol (do they really worship the night?) but my daughter who is a teenager said she “likes how it looks.” she might not feel that way when she is required to wear a burqa herself.

    That islam is winning is easy to see. What is harder to see is what our leaders are doing about it.

    A lot of (mostly male) young muslims are filling the schools in my part of the world. It is difficult to see where all the jobs will come from to sustain them in ten years or so time, and while they can “go home” for a holiday to bring back wives and attendant families, the wealth of the nation will start to shrink for a variety of reasons.

    With no financial gifts to allow them to thrive here the muslims will be faced with either returning to their homeland or making waves here, demanding more and more. To get that, they will need to have not just the unquestioning support of Labour or respect but their own preferred political organisations.

    I doubt if the majority of muslims are criminally inclined but they may increasingly feel that aggression is their one bargaining chip, and an army of disaffected youth helps their cause enormously.

    A clash between Bulgars and muslims on our streets, perhaps with the yardies chipping in to help and the tacit support of some left-wing troublemakers? Sounds like an interesting conflict…

  4. April 30, 2013 at 5:44 am

    I read that immigration is meant to help the host nation, so on that basis, it’s easy to see which are more trouble than they’re worth. Percentages are everything too. Once you get up near that 10%, then a nation needs to look closely at who is coming in. Does anyone object to Canadians or Dutch?

    • April 30, 2013 at 2:52 pm

      “Does anyone object to Canadians or Dutch?”

      When was the last time a Dutchman tried to blow up parts of London. Apart from a few pro-Nazi elements in WWII, not since the Fourth Anglo-Dutch War (1780–1784).

      For the Canadians, I have nothing but praise. They are a bit federal and a bit statist, but no more than the Spanish.

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